Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Graduate Courses

Master of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering graduate curriculum is designed to enhance the fundamental concepts and practical knowledge of modern engineering. The program will prepare students for immediate engineering challenges with a lifetime of professional advancement and provide students with an educational background to cope with future technological advancements as well as the ability to pursue Ph.D. studies. Course topics are listed below.

Approved Topics courses:

  1. Management of Professionals
  2. Risk Management
  3. Engineering Analysis for Decision Making
  4. Sustainable Manufacturing
  5. Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering
  6. Wind farm layout design and operation management

IEEN 5303-Advanced Topics in Industrial Engineering

IEEN 5305-Graduate Research Project

IEEN 5306-Thesis Research

IEEN 5312-Supply Chain Management IEEN 5313-Inventory Systems

IEEN 5314-Activity Scheduling

IEEN 5315-Nonlinear Programming

IEEN 5321-Computer Application of Statistical Methods in Engineering

IEEN 5322-Computer Simulation of Industrial Systems

IEEN 5323-Occupational Biomechanics IEEN 5324-Ergonomics

IEEN 5325-System Safety IEEN 5326-Economic Decision Theory

IEEN 5327-Engineering Project Management

IEEN 5328-Reliability Theory

IEEN 5329-Advanced Engineering Economic Analysis

IEEN 5330-Computer Integrated Engineering Design

IEEN 5331-Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

IEEN 5332-Manufacturing System Design

IEEN 5333-Six Sigma and ISO Standards

IEEN 5334-Lean Manufacturing

IEEN 5335-Principles of Optimization

IEEN 5336-Linear Programming and Extensions

Admission Requirements: 

  • A four-year degree in Engineering or closely related field, or
  • Students satisfying concurrent enrollment criteria of Texas A&M-Kingsville graduate classes.

If you are interested to earn graduate credits while you are still an undergraduate student, please contact Industrial Engineering Graduate Coordinator (Dr. Hua Li,, 361-593-4057) for details about the Fast-Track program

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