Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Supply Chain Standards Minor Program

The resilience of the supply chain and logistics is becoming extremely critical under unprecedented and extraordinary situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Applying national and international standards in the design and operation of supply chain and logistics is one of the key solutions to improve its safety and resilience. With the collaboration between TAMUK College of Engineering and College of Business, an undergraduate minor program on Supply Chain Management and Logistics Standards and Standardization is developed to strengthen the education and knowledge of engineering and business students about supply chain management (SCM) and logistics standards. Currently, there is no similar minor program is offered in the state and nation. However, the importance and feasibility of the program have been supported by NIST through a recent grant award.

The “Supply Chain Standards” minor program requires students to complete three of the following courses with C or better

  • IEEN 4313 Standards in Supply Chain
  • IEEN 4332 Prin of Engr Proj Management
  • MGMT 4358 Lean Operations
  • MKTG 4335 Supply Chain Management
Students also need to complete three of the following courses with C or better
  • IEEN 3321 Op. Research Meth. in Engr. I
  • IEEN 3325 Engr Economic Analysis I
  • IEEN 4321 Op. Research Meth. in Engr. II
  • IEEN 4325 Engr. Economic Analysis II
  • BUAD 3366 Intro to Business Intelligence
  • MGMT 3355 Logistics & SCM
  • MKTG 3330 Transportation
  • MKTG 3375 Warehouse & Inventory Mgmt