Ecological Engineering

Ecological Engineering Publications

- Jones, K.D., A. Martinez, K. Maroo, S. Deshpande, and J. Boswell (2004) An Evaluation of the Kinetics of H2S Biofiltration in the Presence of Ammonia for Two Media Used for Wastewater Lift Station Emissions, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, v54, n1: 24-35. JA&WMA Abstract 1

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- Jones, K.D. and W. Huang (2003) Evaluation of Toxicity of the Pesticides, Chlorpyrifos and Arsenic, in the Presence of Compost Humic Substances in Aqueous Systems, Journal of Hazardous Materials, v103: 93-105. JHM Abstract 1

- Dyson, B., Jones, K., and R. Rosati (2003) Sequential Treatment of Aquaculture Effluent by Differing Water Depth in a Constructed Wetland, In Proc. Water Environment Federation Texas Water 2003 Conference, April 20-23, Corpus Christi, TX. Proceedings Publication

- Jones, Kim D. and C. Banuelos (2000) Using Compost/Wood Chip Material as Biofiltration Media, BioCycle, Vol. 41, No. 10, October 20.


  • First Coastal Erosion Technology Conference - Galveston, Texas 2003
  • Texas Society of Ecological Restoration - Houston, Texas 2004
  • TAMU-K/BioReaction Seminar on Biofiltration of Air Emissions 2003