Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Graduate Students

EECS Graduate Forms/Resources

EECS Graduate Forms/Resources
# Form Name Download Link
1. Add-Drop Registration Form
2. Change of Major, Degree or Degree Plan form
3. Degree Plan
4. EE Tracks
5. Graduate Advisement Form
6. Map of Campus
7. Research Project Final Submission Form
8. Comprehensive Examination Report Form
9. Thesis Defense and Comprehensive Examination Report Form
10. Qualifying Examination Report Form
11. Credit by Examination Form
12. Overload Request Form
13. Concurrent Enrollment Form
14. Transfer Articulation Form


Visit Manuscript Resources at the Graduate Studies Office Webpage for the following: 

  1. Instructions Concerning the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations
  2. Basic Theses and Dissertation Microsoft Word Template
  3. University Writing Center
  4. All Manuscripts Margin Template
  5. Thesis Proposal Signature Template - Odd Number of Committee Members
  6. Thesis Proposal Signature Template - Even Number of Committee Members
  7. Thesis Signature Page Template - Odd Number of Committee Members
  8. Thesis Signature Page Template - Even Number of Committee Members
  9. Thesis and Dissertation Copyright Form