Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Graduate Students

Electrical Engineering Graduate Degree Plan

The student must file an initial degree plan through the graduate coordinator/advisor during their first semester at TAMUK. A final degree plan is not filed until all conditions have been removed. Forwarding the signed degree plan to the graduate dean denotes (1) the completion of requirements outlined on the Student’s Acceptance notice and (2) the student’s acceptance into degree status. A copy of the final degree plan with any revisions must also be forwarded to the graduate dean at the time of candidacy.  

Path Core Courses  Electives 
-------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Thesis Path (30 credits)

EEEN 5306 Thesis (6 credits)

24 credits of Elective Graduate Courses
-------------------- ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Project Path (36 credits)

EEEN 5305 Graduate Research Project (3 credits)

33 credits of Elective Graduate Courses


Courses-Only Path (36 credits)

EEEN 5303 Studies on Current Research (3 credits)

33 credits of Elective Graduate Courses