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Javelina Ring

The Javelina Ring is a special part of being a member of the Javelina Family at Texas A&M University - Kingsville. It is an honor to earn the right to own a Texas A&M University - Kingsville Ring, and an even greater honor to actually wear it.

This site is dedicated to showcasing the many aspects that make our Ring one of the best traditions that Texas A&M University - Kingsville has to offer.

The Dean of Student's Office looks forward to helping you in any way we can as you come closer to reaching this ever anticipated milestone during the Texas A&M University - Kingsville Ring Ceremony.

In early 1998, a committee of students, alumni, faculty, and staff began discussing the idea of an official ring for graduates of Texas A&M University - Kingsville. After determining that there was interest in the idea, the committee heard proposals from several companies that specialize in class rings and selected one to design and manufacture the ring.

Working with a professional designer, the committee members wanted the ring to reflect symbols that represent the University's history and traditions. The symbols they chose include:

- The school's mascot, the Javelina, because of its tenacity and devotion to the community.

- Mesquite and Cactus, because they personify our students' ability to survive and prosper; mesquite is a symbol for healing and life, and cactus is symbolic of endurance, adaptability, and hidden treasures.

- Palm trees, because of their abundance on campus and their symbolic significance of strength in the face of adversity.

- The Lone Star, because it symbolized the Great State of Texas. A light shining in the darkness, the star is often considered a symbol of truth, the spirit, and of hope.

- The two stars on the top of the ring symbolize our heritage, springing from Texas A&I University, into Texas A&M University - Kingsville.

- The beautiful tower from College Hall because of its ready recognition as a landmark on the Kingsville Campus.

Prior to ordering your ring, you must meet the following requirements:

Undergraduate Student Requirements

  • 75 completed undergraduate resident hours
  • Must be in good standing with the University

Graduate Student Requirements

  • Must be currently enrolled
  • Must be in good standing with the University

The Dean of Students and the entire Javelina Family wishes to congratulate you on all your accomplishments thus far and on reaching this important milestone in your education.  Keep in mind as your ready yourself for this special occasion, there are a few steps that you will need to make prior to ordering your ring.

Please review the following steps prior as you get ready for that special day.

  • Meet all Requirements
  • Review the Styles and Prices
  • Visit Balfour at the Javelina Bookstore on their advertised order day
  • Attend the Ring Ceremony to receive your Ring and celebrate with your family and friends
  • Show your Javelina Pride to the world!!