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Veterinary Technology Admission Interview

TAMUK Veterinary Technology Program applicants will be contacted via their University email address after the application deadline to schedule an interview with the Program faculty and staff.  As a reminder, all required parts of the application packet must be submitted prior to the deadline for an applicant to be considered for admission.  We understand students may not have been through an interview before, so we have outlined some basic interview tips below.  We recommend all applicants review these tips prior to their scheduled interview.

Admission Interview Tips

  1. Know yourself.  It is common in interviews to be asked self-reflective questions.  What are your strengths?  How do you use them throughout your day?  What are your weaknesses?  How do you navigate past them or improve upon them?  Take some time to ask yourself these questions and be ready to tell your interviewers about yourself.
  2. Review your application.  You were asked to provide some information about yourself as well as provide several personal statements in response to an admission questionnaire.  Be prepared to discuss your statements with your interviewers.
  3. Dress for success.  You are interviewing for admission to a professional program.  We recommend business casual or business professional attire.  Flip-flops, t-shirts, torn/distressed clothing, etc. are not considered acceptable interview attire.  Gardner-Webb University's article Business Attire Guide can help you decide what to wear for your interview.
  4. Be punctual.  You should be on time for your interview.  Arriving early (10-15 minutes) can allow you plenty of time to find the correct location and focus yourself before beginning.  If you're unfamiliar with the interview location, we recommend going to the location at least once prior to the interview.
  5. Be professional.  Turn your cellphone off (not vibrate).  Be respectful and courteous to facility staff.  Your first impression matters, so be prepared to greet your interviewers and introduce yourself.  Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview.  Speak clearly and with confidence.  Avoid unprofessional language such as slang, profanity, and filler words ("um", "like", etc.)
  6. Silence is okay.  You are going to be nervous.  The answer you want will be on the tip of your tongue, but you won't remember it until after the interview has finished.  That is okay.  We aren't looking for the "right" answer; we're looking for your answer.  If you need, take a brief pause to gather your thoughts before answering.  You can also ask for clarification or to repeat the question if needed.  Don't feel like you have to fill the space with words just so it isn't silent.
  7. Ask questions.  Research the veterinary medical profession, veterinary technology as a career, and our program.  We ask you questions to make sure you are a good fit for our program.  It is just as important to ask questions of the interviewers to make sure our program is a good fit for you.  Bring a notepad to write down your thoughts during the interview.
  8. Conclude the interview on a polite and positive note.  It is generally acceptable to thank all participants for their time and end with a handshake.