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The Texas A&M University - Kingsville Veterinary Technology program is housed in a brand new, 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art teaching facility.  The facility includes classrooms, animal housing areas, student study areas, laboratory spaces, surgical and radiology rooms, and other teaching spaces for all veterinary technology courses.  VETT courses are all taught in the facility which decreases commute time and hassle for students.  We are constantly improving the facility to keep up with medical and educational advances.  

Let's take a look!


Primary Lecture

Our primary lecture classroom features a 12' by 9' projection screen with a high resolution LCD projector and a centralized audio system.  We also have a high resolution document camera which can project objects underneath it onto the screen.  This is very helpful when we are looking at small details in structures and want the whole class to observe without crowding.  This room also houses our student microscopes that can be moved around the facility for different lab exercises.

Secondary Lecture/Data Entry

Our second lecture area "Data Entry" is within the heart of the facility.  This area is dedicated to teaching recordkeeping, research for projects, and as a satellite area for our radiology suite.  Data Entry has 6 computers and a printer which can be accessed by students.  We have a large portable display which can connect to our radiology system and display in real time what is happening on the system monitor.  This allows more people to view what is happening without being in the radiology suite.  It also gives us a larger high resolution viewing station for completed radiographs.

Our facility has multiple study areas that allow students to work on homework between classes or socialize during lunch.  Data Entry is always open for students needing to use computers.  Our student lounge in the front of the facility has seating and tables for study.  We have 6 WiFi transmitters with 10 GB/sec transmission speed which students are welcome to use.  The student lounge also has a vending machine, microwave and full size refrigerator to accommodate lunch at the facility.

Clinical Laboratory

Our clinical laboratory is a fully-functioning diagnostic laboratory with up-to-date equipment.  We have multiple blood analysis machines to assist with bloodwork processing.  This room has a teaching microscope with a camera that can be viewed on a monitor.  We have the ability to process urine, blood, and fecal samples to name a few.  Our clinical pathology and parasitology courses spend a lot of time in the laboratory.

"Wet Lab"

Our teaching laboratory is home to six tables complete with individual anesthetic machines.  This teaching laboratory is meant for minor procedures and basic labs (handling, examinations, vaccinations, sample collection, dentistry).  We have a wireless digital dental radiography unit that allows us to take x-rays of teeth and view them instantly.  Each table also has HDMI ports for a high resolution video camera to be projected onto a screen for the entire class to view.  This room has a teaching microscope with a camera that can be projected onto the screen as well.

Anesthesia Prep Room

The prep room has four tables with individual anesthetic machines.  It has a viewing window for additional student observation to minimize stress to patients in procedures.  This room features equipment for patient monitoring, fluid therapy, and warming.  Our emergency preparedness cart also resides in the prep room.

Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite operates with two adjustable surgery tables.  We have top-of-the-line monitoring equipment and heating systems for patients.  The surgical suite has a viewing window into the anesthesia prep room to allow for additional student observation and to help with communication between the two rooms.  The room has a positive-pressure ventilation system to allow for the cleanest surgery environment possible.


The recovery room is dedicated to animals recovering from anesthesia and surgery.  This room can be closed off from the rest of the facility to give the animals a calm, quiet area for recovery.  The door has a viewing window to allow easy observation and visual monitoring of patients.  We keep comfy blankets and heating systems ready.  We also have our own laundry room to make sure all of our blankets stay nice and clean.

Radiography Room

We have several radiographic units available for use.  We have a standing radiography table that can switch between taking film radiographs to taking digital (Direct Radiography) radiographs.  Our digital x-ray sensor plate is wireless which allows for more flexibility when taking radiographs.  Our digital system also works with our portable radiography unit.  We have a heavy-duty portable unit that can be taken off location to work with horses and cattle.  This system also works with the wireless digital sensor plate.  Both units can process and present radiographs for viewing within seconds.  Our students are required to wear safety equipment which is always readily available.  Our newest addition is a portable ultrasound unit. 

Dark Room

It is important for technicians to be able to work with the newest technology, but it is also important to be able to operate standard equipment many veterinary practices still use.  We have a dark room with an automatic processor to complete the film radiograph process.  Film radiographs must be processed with chemicals (similar to camera film) before an image will appear.  In the process, any extra light will cause changes to the film.  This room is lightproof when the door is closed with an approved safety light for the bench workstation.