Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Award


Agriculture Science (AGBU) : Chris Flores-Lopez
Agriculture Science: Kristen Rike
Environmental Science: Xiuhong Zhou
Plant & Soil Sciences: Horacio Rodriguez
Plant & Soil Sciences - Citrus Center: Yovanna Lizeth Soto
Animal Science: Gabby Roque
Range & Wildlife Science: Brianna Slothower
Wildlife Science PhD: Kristyn Stewart


Agriculture Science: Leslie A. Dominguez
Environmental Science: Ashley Mondragon
Plant & Soil Sciences: Gabriella (Gabby) Garcia
Plant & Soil Sciences - Citrus Center: Tirumalareddy Danda
Animal Science: Daisy Gonzalez
Range & Wildlife Science: Seth T. Rankin
Wildlife Science PhD: Levi J. Heffelfinger


Agribusiness:  Jesus Lopez
Agriculture Science: Erik Garza
Plant & Soil Sciences: Alvaro Garcia
Plant & Soil Sciences - Citrus Center: Victoria DeLeon 
Plant & Soil Sciences - Citrus Center: Cynthia Puente
Animal Science: Makenzie Lowke
Range & Wildlife Science: Michael T. Page
Wildlife Science PhD: Donal A. Woodard


Agriculture Science: Rebekah Ring
Plant & Soil Sciences: Srinadh Kodali
Plant & Soil Sciences - Citrus Center: Kari Skalitsky-Pina
Animal Science: Juan Martinez
Range & Wildlife Science: Brandon Palmer
Wildlife Science PhD: Jay VonBank


Agriculture Science:  Kimberly Perry
Plant & Soil Sciences: Erika Ramos
Plant & Soil Sciences:  Citrus Center: Estephanie Bernal-Jimenez
Animal Science:  Victor Flores
Wildlife Science:  Victoria Haynes
Wildlife Science PhD:  Jason Lombardi
Human Sciences: Mamta Patel


Agriculture Science:  Bethanny Bull
Plant & Soil Sciences: Kassandra Gonzalez
Plant & Soil Sciences:  Citrus Center: Julian Gonzales
Animal Science:  Javier Martinez
Wildlife Science:  Kelsey Davis
Wildlife Science PhD:  John Edwards
Human Sciences: Brittney Bower


Agriculture Science:  Sophie Judson
Plant & Soil Sciences:  Citrus Center: Sri Telagamsetty
Animal Science:  Alexandra Calderon
Wildlife Science:  Kyle Brewster
Wildlife Science PhD:  Andrea Bruno


Agriculture Science:  Nathan T. Hammack
Plant & Soil Sciences:  Dennis Tyler Mays
Plant & Soil Sciences-Citrus Center:  Liliana Cantu
Animal Science:  Sarah Jane Abatti
Wildlife Science:  Caroline Ward
Wildlife Science PhD:  Stacy Hines
Human Sciences:  Alexandrea Nicole Cuellar


Plant & Soil Sciences-Citrus Center:  Beatriz Contreras-Barragan
Animal Science:  Cassandra Albert
Range & Wildlife Management:  Cord Eversole
Wildlife Science PhD:  Anastasia Krainyk
Human Nutrition:  Brandy Rivera
Human Sciences:  Marisol Loredo


Agriculture Science:  Cheryl Jordan
Agribusiness:  Justin Cantu
Animal Science:  Luis Ayala
Plant & Soil Science - Citrus Center: Cecilia Lott
Range & Wildlife Management: Lianna Koczur
Wildlife Science PhD:  Damon Williford
Human Science:  Dalynn DeWitt


Agriculture Science:  Jessica Bogart-Reeves
Agribusiness:  Trent Whitis
Animal Science:  Zach Lopez
Plant and Soil Science:  Alinna Umphres-Lopez
Plant and Soil Science - Citrus Center:  Carolina Parra
Range and Wildlife Management:  Kory Gann
Wildlife Science PhD:  Chase Currie
Human Science:  Courtney E. Klueber


Agriculture Science:  Brad Wood
Animal Science:  Martha Ramirez
Plant and Soil Science:  Aditi Dilip Satpute
Horticulture Cooperative PhD:  Catherine Simpson
Range and Wildlife Management:  Erin Cord
Wildlife Science PhD:  Jennifer Korn
Human Science:  Katherine Korzeniewski


Agribusiness: Ben Turner  
Agriculture Science:  Jacob Salvagn  
Plant and Soil Science: Madahy Romero 
Citrus Center: Justin Tanner  
Animal Science: Fang Xie
Range and Wildlife Management PhD: Joseph Holbrook 
Wildlife Science PhD: Joseph Sands  
Human Science PhD: Courtney E. Reed 


Agriculture Science: Amy Scull 
Plant & Soil Science: Raul Ray Hinojosa 
Citrus Center: Danielle Sekula 
Animal Science: Elizabeth Aguirre 
Range & Wildlife Management: Andrew Tri 
Wildlife Science: Samantha Wisniewski 
Human Science: Alessandra Sanchez


Agronomy & Resource Sciences: Clint Richardson 
Agronomy & Resources Sciences (Citrus Center): Naiqi Chen 
Animal Science: Paige Williams 
Range & Wildlife Management: Aaron Tjelmeland 
Wildlife Biology (Doctoral student): John Lewis 
Human Sciences: Kathry Santos


Agronomy & Resource Sciences: Tracy Kalka 
Agronomy & Resources Sciences (Citrus Center): Tina P. Thomas 
Animal Science: Chad O'Gorman 
Range & Wildlife Management: Jason L. Scott 
Human Sciences: Arnulfo Villarreal, Jr.


Agronomy & Resource Sciences: Catherine Simpson 
Agronomy & Resources Sciences (Citrus Center): Veronica Ancona-Contreras 
Animal Science: Kevin Porter 
Range & Wildlife Management: Aaron Haines 
Human Sciences:


Agronomy & Resource Sciences: Shibu Poulose 
Animal Science: Erin Monaco 
Range & Wildlife Management: Marc Hall 
Human Sciences: