Student Success


Stop and Think About It

TAMUK has an abundance of services and resources that can guide and support you to reach your goals.  

Stop and Think About It!   

If you are experiencing any of the below situations and want assistance, contact us at 361-593-5800. 



  • Uncertain about my career goals  
  • Uncertain about my major  
  • Too many commitments  
  • Low self confidence  
  • Depression 
  • Family Issues and/or expectations  
  • Substance abuse
  • Traumatic experience
  • Social distractions
  • Housing Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Change in relationship with someone important  
  • Health problems
  • Working too many hours
  • Difficulty obtaining transportation
  • Don't like to ask for help
  • Expecting or have a child
  • Returning (re-entry) into college
  • Financial issues 


  • Unaware of support services  
  • Feeling isolated/not identifying with campus  
  • Problems with instructors 
  • Campus values differ from my own  
  • Incorrectly advised by academic advisor 
  • Lack of social involvement
  • Overly involved with campus activities 


  • Deficient writing skills  
  • Deficient math skills
  • Low reading comprehension
  • Overwhelmed by academic expectations
  • Test anxiety
  • Inadequate preparation for a course 
  • Course load too heavy
  • Lack of interest in coursework
  • Not enough time to complete coursework
  • Class attendance (more than 3 absences/course)
  • Turning in assignments late
  • Low class participation
  • Need tutoring
  • Don’t have textbook 


  • Didn't follow through with study plans  
  • Unable to focus on studying 
  • Worries about failure; interrupt study
  • Unable to complete reading assignments
  • Unprepared for classes 
  • Inadequate note taking skills
  • Unsure about how to study 
  • Spending too little time reviewing
  • Material quickly forgotten
  • Memorization substituted for understanding  
  • Too little time to prepare for tests
  • Uncertain about what is important to study
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of organization