Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Student Government Association

Legislative Branch

The Texas A&M University - Kingsville student senate is currently in its 97th legislative session.

The Legislative Branch of the Student Government is responsible for communicating the views and needs of the student body to the administration, faculty, and staff.

The Senate has long been the core of the Student Government. Each of the Senators represents students of a particular college or classification. For every 300 students in a particular college there is one representative position created. The constitution specifies the number of representatives for each classification. Most Senators are elected in the spring, although first-year undergraduate and graduate students are elected in the fall. Vacant seats are filled by appointment.

The Senate is a deliberative body, adopting measures via formal legislative rules. Senate Committees, on which all Senators and any interested student from the student body serve, investigate student concerns and prepare Senate business. Many Senators are involved in projects throughout Student Government.

Freshman Class Senator 




Sophomore Class Senator 

Eli Graces

Vieka Rivera

William McKellips

Junior Class Senator 

Madilyn Dugosh

Dalenisa Corondo

Senior Class Senator 

Kwanae Brown

Sabrina Garza

Graduate Class Senator 

Sommer Flowers

Lue Gonzales

Gabriella Reyna

Kristena Patel

Senator for the College of Agriculture 

Natalynn McRae 

Angelica Ramos

Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences

Kamryn Ware

Jacqueline Mcclendon

Jacqueline Garcia

Senator for the College of Business 

Joe Alaniz

Esmeralda Gutierrez

Senator for the College of Education

Valerie Martinez

Sydney Miranda

Senator for the College of Engineering 

Jose Martinez

Fernando Garcia

Senator At-Large 



If you would like to receive a copy of our bi-weekly meeting meetings, please email us at sga@tamuk.edu and we will help you as soon as possible!

To become a Senator and assist in making our distinguished institution a better place simply fill out the Senator Application and return it to the Student Government Office in room 201 of the Memorial Student Union Building (Second floor of the MSUB - Above the post office).