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Hoggie Days - Family Track

Hoggie Days is TAMUK's New Student Orientation! Texas A&M University-Kingsville believes that the college experience represents a collaboration involving the student, the family of the student and the University. Although completion of a New Student Conference is required for students, we invite and encourage families to participate in our Hoggie Days programs specifically designed for parents and family members. By participating, you will become informed about the University’s academic programs, policies, facilities and services.

Each TAMUK student is allowed 2 free guests, and every guest after that is only $5! Registration for all guests is required and includes a TAMUK Swag Bag for the family and lunch.


Please email or call (361) 593 - 2760 for any questions relating to Hoggie Days - Family Track

  1. It is better to be OVER-PREPARED than to be under-prepared. We want everyone to have a great time at Hoggie Days, and being over-prepared, having all of your student's information, and making sure you've completed the pre-orientation checklist is KEY to a smooth Hoggie Days!
  2. Some of the auditoriums and ballrooms get a little chilly, so we recommend you bring a jacket if you're prone to getting cold! 
  3. Kingsville, Texas gets very hot in the summer months, so plan accordingly. While most events are indoors, there will be some walking from building to building. We recommend bringing a water bottle to refill in case you get thirsty on the walk.
  4. There will be walking involved. We have golf cart shuttles for those who need help getting around, but there may be a wait.
  5. While all family members are welcome to attend, the conference activities are not designed for the enjoyment of younger children, so plan accordingly.
  6. If you have questions, make yourself a checklist of information you want to know by the end of the orientation so you can remember to ask. If you forget, no worries! Email with any questions after the orientation or you can call the University Main Line at (361) 593 - 2111.
  7. Make sure you plan out your trip before the day of! 
    1. Make sure you AND your student are registered. You MUST complete a separate registration for you and your family for the Hoggie Days - Family Track. Just because your student registered does NOT mean you are registered. Student registration is $25 added to their tuition and includes 2 FREE guests. The free guests are still REQUIRED to register. For anyone over 2 guests, it's only $5 per ticket and you can go through the same registration portal.
    2. Make sure you know where to park. Parking is Free and at the Visitor's parking lot. Spaces are first come, first served.
    3. Make sure you are there on time. Check-in begins at 8:00 am in the Memorial Student Union Building (MSUB) and the Welcome begins at 9:00 am. Check-in ends at 9 am. You don't want to miss it!
    4. Make sure YOU AND YOUR STUDENT know your student's K#. You will get asked for your student's K# upon check-in and sometimes throughout the day, so make sure you have it written down somewhere. This K# is K00xxxxxx which is DIFFERENT from their KUxxxxxx number. We will ask for their K00 number, but know both just in case.
    5. Make sure you've gone through all of the paperwork and pre-orientation checklist.There is certain paperwork and information that you MUST have completed prior to Hoggie Days. Make sure to check out the link to ensure you've completed it all.
This may be the first time that you have to separate from your student when it comes to their academics, so any mental preparation you need to do before getting here, please do! There will be time for photo ops around campus, so soak in all the time you do have with your student.

Each TAMUK student is allowed 2 free guests, and every guest after that is only $5! Registration for all guests is required and includes a TAMUK Swag Bag for the family and lunch.


Families and students will be together and separate for different parts of the day and separate for lunch so students can meet their Orientation Leaders (OL's). You will be provided with a full schedule upon check-in along with your TAMUK Swag Bag!

There is no fee to park on campus during Hoggie Days. We recommend that visitors park in the Javelina Visitor's Parking Lot "Lot M" which is in between Poteet Hall and Cousins Hall. Parking is first-come-first-served.

Click Here For a Parking Map.

If you plan to attend orientation and stay overnight, be sure to make hotel reservations well in advance. For a list of hotels and contact information, please visit the city of Kingsville's Lodging page.

One way to ensure your student is fully prepared for their session is to review your student's pre-orientation checklist and help make sure they successfully complete each item prior to their session date. If there is anything you or your student have questions about, go ahead and give us a call at (361) 593-5372 or e-mail us at, and we'll be happy to help you.

Click Here For The Pre-Orientation Student Checklist

Most applications and paperwork can be completed by the student alone, but there are some important items your students may need help with. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in particular is one that your student may need your help with because it requires tax and household income information in order to be completed. By knowing what documents your student needs to complete and submit prior to attending orientation, you will be able to better help your student accurately complete and submit them on time.

Browse the Texas A&M-Kingsville web site for important information regarding deadlines (financial aid, housing, etc), important dates (move-in, first day of class, etc) and fees (orientation, housing deposit, etc) so that you will be aware of costs and deadlines and be prepared to make important decisions with your student before or during orientation.

There is a lot of information to go over in a short amount of time, so each of our sessions runs on a tight schedule. We want to make sure you and your student leave orientation with all of the answers you need to help your student have a smooth transition to our campus. Talking to your student before orientation to develop a list of questions you both have will help you make sure you get all the answers you're looking for. 

Our new student orientation sessions are designed so that students can begin to experience the type of independence they will need when they arrive on campus for classes. There are certain sessions throughout orientation where parents and students will be split up, such as during advising and registration.