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Proposal Forms and Templates

Forms are revised and updated regularly.

Download the most current form from this page each time you submit information to our office, rather than using an older copy you may have saved in your records. If you are in doubt, contact us to be sure you are using the proper forms for your submissions. 

Please review the current 10-5-2 Proposal Submission Guidelines

a list of our internal forms for proposals
Notice of Intent (NOI) The NOI is the PI’s official notification to the Pre-Award team at ORI that you are planning to submit a proposal. This webform should be completed as soon as the PI is aware of a funding opportunity, regardless if we are the lead institution or the non-lead institution.
Institutional Authorization Form (IAF) The institutional authorization form is required for ALL grant proposals. This form should be initiated by the Principal Investigator and any Co-Principal Investigators then routed to their department head and dean. It is important to remember this form is only for TAMUK personnel and if the PI is working with multiple colleges on campus then their respective chair and deans must sign off as well. Additional approvals or notifications may be required, such as, IRB, IACUC, IBC, Intellectual Property, Export Controls, etc.
Appendix B Form In accordance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) standards & accounting methods .for reporting restricted research expenditures, it is imperative that we monitor and track the proper classification of each proposal. The PI will need to complete the basic information of their proposal and provide a short summary description of their proposed project. This will help our office accurately classify each proposal and provide the required section from THECB.
Late Submission Acknowledgment Form This form is to acknowledge that the PI takes responsibility of his/her proposal being rejected or returned without review because of late notice to the Office of Research & Innovation. Due to time constraints, the proposals submitted less than 24 hours will receive a minimum review with the goal to assure the proposals meet the Sponsor requirements and are not rejected from the electronic submission.
Cost-Share / Time & Effort Form

Cost Sharing represents the sponsored project or program costs (direct and indirect) that would normally be borne by a sponsor but instead are covered by the University or a third party, such as a subcontractor or an unfunded collaborator. TAMUK does not encourage matching unless specified in the sponsor's RFP/guidelines.

When it comes to budgeting the PI’s time, a minimum of 1% effort is required by our institution. If the PI is hesitant to include his/her time on the grant, this should be documented and obtain the required approvals prior to submission to sponsors.

TAMUK Subrecipient Commitment Form TAMUK requires completion of the Subrecipient Commitment Form for all proposed subrecipients/subawardees at the proposal stage; subrecipient agreements cannot be fully executed without the completion of this form.
5-Y Simple TAMUK Budget Worksheet Each project and budget are different. We can help with your budget! Contact Polly Allred for a customized budget template (more/fewer years, more/fewer subrecipients, etc.)


Documents to use for grant applications, if applicable:

a list of required letters for grant applications
Name of Document/Letter Last Modified
Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement 02/2020
Fringe Benefits Letter FY 2024  07/2023
Audit Letter FY 2024 11/2023
Tax Exempt Letter FY 2024 01/2024
Single Audit Report for FY 2022 02/2023