Pre-Award Administration

The Pre-Award Division of ORI is dedicated to supporting TAMUK faculty, researchers, and program directors, by expertly assisting with proposal development and timely submission to external funding sponsors who support research, instruction and other public service programs. Pre-award also facilitates review, negotiation, and acceptance of contracts, subcontracts, and awards.

Meet the Pre-Award Team

Calculate Your Processing Timeline (MM/DD/YYYY):

Timeline process for proposal deadlines
Processing Timeline Due to Pre-Award
1. Initial notification to ORI (e.g. Notice of Intent) 08/19/2021 
2. Final budget, justification, and draft proposal documents 08/26/2021 
3. Final proposal documents ready for submission 08/31/2021 
4. Internal forms with signatures (e.g. authorization/appendix b) 09/01/2021 
If  "OVERDUE" is indicated on any of the due dates after you enter the sponsor/lead institution deadline, you must complete our Late Submission Acknowledgment Form. We adhere to these deadlines to ensure adequate time to review all proposal components prior to submission. The earlier we receive items for review, the more time our team has to review and provide updates and feedback.