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Office of Research & Innovation

Maestro Guide and Resources

Maestro provides researchers and research administrators with timely and accurate information needed to manage research activities and to assist in understanding what documents could need follow-up or additional actions from the researcher.

Maestro provides researchers with timely and accurate information needed to manage their research activities and to establish collaboration. To access the system, you will need to log in to the Maestro homepage at with Single Sign-On (SSO) UIN and password. 

More information about the Researcher Portal

Maestro requires researchers to approve their proposal once the routing has been initiated by a Proposal Administrator. Principal Investigators (PIs) must complete their reporting and compliance codes before their proposal can be approved.

More Information on How to Approve a Proposal

All proposals routed through our office will have compliance codes for the PI to complete. It is the PI's responsibility to select the appropriate selection for each question. One of the Proposal Administrators may select a response to certain questions (if the information is provided to them by the PI prior to proposal submission). Nonetheless, the PI will need to double-check and select the appropriate answers pertaining to that specific project. 

More Information on How to Complete Proposal Compliance Codes

The PI will be responsible to complete the reporting codes for the specific project. This will hinder the PI from approving their proposal if not complete. The reporting codes require the PI to select a response by either a selecting a drop-down response or checking a box. The fields are as followed:

  • Activity - is it Conduct of Research & Development (R&D) or Other Sponsored Activities?
  • NSF Science and Engineering Field - select which field your project is most relevant in.
  • THECB Science and Engineering Field - this field is auto-populated dependent on what the PI selects in the NSF Science and Engineering Field.
  • THECB Character of Work - is this project considered Applied Research, Basic Research, or Development?
  • THECB Selection Process - was the proposal review and evaluation process COMPETITIVE, PEER-REVIEWED or NEGOTIATED OR OTHER?
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - is this project related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?
  • Underrepresented Student Included - yes or no?
  • STEM Education - is it relevant to this project?
  • COVID-19 Related - does this project have relevance to COVID-19?
    • Tracking flag for COVID-19 related proposals for required reporting purposes.
  • THECB Special Areas of Interest - which area of interest fits this project? (select all that apply)


Once you've select a response from each field, click SAVE then COMPLETE.