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The Department of University Housing & Residence Life at Texas A&M University – Kingsville offers Living Learning Communities (LLCs) for students residing on-campus in the residence halls. LLCs are communities of students that are housed within the same area of a residence hall based on academic major or area of interest.  Each LLC has programs and events that are geared towards the academic area or themed community.

The Agriculture & Wildlife Living Learning Community gives students the ability to live in an environment with students in the same field of study; providing them with events and activities that are pertinent to their career path. This LLC is housed in two different residence halls; females are housed in Lynch Hall and males are housed in Martin B Hall.

The Ag & Wildlife Living Learning Communities are dedicated to the study of wildlife and animal sciences. Students who are interested in this type of living environment are involved in extracurricular activities such as Pre-Vet Club, Veterinary Technology Club, Collegiate FFA, or the Aggie Club just to name a few. These involved students will have additional opportunities to live in an environment that supports them socially and academically.


  • Programs and activities that are geared towards Agriculture & Wildlife
  • Guided study sessions
  • Agriculture related trips
  • Events at the King Ranch or other local ranches


Students that take part in the Engineering Living Learning Community will have access to a computer lab and tutoring services within their residence hall. This learning community is staffed by a community advisor (CA) that is an engineering major themselves and fosters a supportive environment that encourages students; helping them to learn from one another. The Engineering LLC is housed in Lucio Hall.

The Engineering Living Learning Communities is open to all engineering majors, and set-up to assist students in developing a sense of community. This LLC offers engineering based programs, organized study sessions, as well as, opportunities to interact with Engineering faculty and staff outside a classroom setting.


  • Computer Lab
  • Tutoring services within the residence hall
  • Study groups and review sessions
  • Programs/Field Trips related to the subject of Engineering


The E-sports & Gaming LLC will be housed in Mesquite Village West.  This LLC will aim to assist students to improve both gaming skills and life skills.  Bringing students with an interest in gaming together, creating an atmosphere where their love of gaming can be taken to the next level; students in the E-sports & gaming LLC will learn about careers in e-sports, develop competition skills, and have exclusive access to the residence life E-sports and gaming lounge, located on the 3rd floor of MVW. 


Mesquite Village West

The Honors LLC is for students who are part of the Honors College. These students seek insight for ways to excel in the classroom and challenge themselves in their academic pursuits. Students participating in the Honors LLC are housed in Mesquite Village West.

Students living in the Honors Living Learning Community are active participants in The Honors College, or are students who want to focus on their educational pursuits. Academic, cultural, and social events provide a well-rounded experience for the residents of this community, through which students have the opportunity to interact with other Honors students, faculty and staff from The Honors College. These residents not only live and socialize together; they study together and have each other to lean on throughout their college career.


  • Honors Study Sessions
  • Tutoring Services
  • Academic-based programming
  • Interaction with Faculty/Staff from Honors College
  • Honors-related conferences/field trips


Honors College

Mesquite Village West

This LLC will provide students with access to workout rooms and kitchens in their residence halls, as well as, focus on programs that take a holistic approach to those interested in living a healthy lifestyle. This LLC is housed in Lucio Hall for both males and females.

The Fitness & Wellness Living Learning Community is for those students who are dedicated to the concept of living a healthy life style. For these students, wellness isn’t merely a catchy phrase, it is a way of life. Students who are interested in this type of living environment will have opportunities to engage in programs and events that focus on living a holistic life style. 


  • Workout facilities in their residence hall
  • Wellness programs in the hall that focus on healthy life style choices
  • Healthy food demonstrations within their residence halls


Student Recreation and Fitness

Student Health and Wellness

Javelina Dining

Lucio Hall

Whether you are part of the Javelina marching band or music is just your passion, then the Music LLC may be the community for you.  In this community, residents share music as a common interest; you may play the flute and your neighbor may play the piano. Students that are housed in the Music LLC have access to practice rooms, located within the residence halls, along with tutoring services that focus on Music Theory. The Music LLC is housed in a traditional residence halls; Martin Hall North A for females and Martin Hall for males.

The Music Living Learning Communities are for those students who are enthusiastic about music.  Students who are interested in this LLC will have opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities, and have resources that will help them to be successful in their own pursuits of acquiring musical abilities.


  • Computer lab with musical software
  • Music Theory tutoring lab within the residence hall
  • Pianos available in the residence halls
  • Trips related to music education


School of Music

Martin Hall

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