Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Academic Success Coaching

Academic success coaching is designed to build a relationship that will assist the student in recognizing academic barriers and ways to overcome them.

Coaching will assist students in recognizing their priorities, resources, and opportunities in order for them to graduate and move on to their chosen career.

Please email alfonso.ramosjr@tamuk.edu or call (361) 593-5089 for an academic success coaching meeting.

  1. Go to class. The information you need to be successful is gained by going to class and actively taking part in the lecture with the instructor. Class participation grades are often given and you do not want to miss out.
  2. Develop relationships. Success is built on relationship and you should put a mentor, tutor, professional staff, instructor and study partner on your success team. These are people that you can count on for advice and have a vested interest in you.
  3. Do all your homework. Don’t only focus on the homework you calculate to be worth more than other assignments. In the end every point count and you will gain knowledge from each assignment.
  4. Learn time managements skills. There is only 24 hours in a day and learning how to manage our time will insure that you have room in your day everything you need to do to succeed.
  5. Take ownership of your degree plan. Get a copy of your degree (paper or electronic) and understand what course are require, prerequisites needed and map out what courses you will take each semester until you graduate.
  6. Be involved in student organizations. Being involved will develop your leadership skills, networking opportunities and give you the confidence to succeed.
  7. Make new friends. Friends will be part of your support system when things get difficult and can keep you staying positive. When you need help a good friend will always be there.
  8. Go to campus events. At campus events you will gain a sense that you belong to a larger group, learn the campus culture and what it means to be a Javelina.
  9. Stay in communication. Always check your campus email, Blackboard, and social media account for the most important and up-to-date information about class assignments, events, and campus news items.
  10. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and exercise. Wellness activities keep your mind and body sharp and gives you the energy you need throughout the day.