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Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon

Mission Statement

TAMUK Dance Marathon strives to raise funds and provide emotional support and awareness for pediatric patients and families treated at Driscoll Children's Hospital by working with Children's Miracle Network, a non-profit organization, that raises funds and awareness for more than 170 pediatric hospitals in North America. 100% of the funds raised through this event stay local to support local children. 

General Information

Dance Marathon was founded at TAMUK on March 30th, 2017, by a group of Fraternity and Sorority members that wanted to impact their local community in a big way.
    • Dance Marathon raised a little over $5,000 in its first year!
    • In its second year, Fraternity and Sorority members wanted to get the campus more engaged and made this a campus-wide effort. Other organizations such as Unity, TAMUK Javelina Sapphires, Pep Talk, and others joined our Fraternity and Sorority members in our mission to raise funds for Corpus Christi Driscoll Children's Hospital!
    • For 2018, students set their goal for $10,000. They exceeded their goal and raised $11,350.79!
    • In 2019 students set their goal for $12,500. They exceeded their goal and raised $17, 267.37!
    • In 2020, our Dance Marathon event faced an unprecedented challenge due to COVID-19. Our in-person event was canceled, however, our students continued to fundraise virtually and raised a total of $7,386.35.
    • In 2021, students set their goal for $5,000, understanding the struggle of coming back from the pandemic. With the united efforts of all Fraternity & Sorority organizations, along with other student organizations such as Campus Activities Board, ROTC, and many others. Students were able to raise a total of $9,069.
    • In 2022, students set their sights on a $10,000 goal. They exceeded their goal and raised $12,481.00!

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This year our Dance Marathon goal is $15,000!


Driscoll Charitable Contributions
Driscoll Donation Impact

Want to know how your fundraising creates miracles at Driscoll? 

  • 65% of funds raised go to Charitable Care! What does that mean? That means that Driscoll Children's hospital provides financial aid that can offer tremendous peace of mind to families that can't afford care.
  • 25% of funds raised go to Patient Services.
  • 5% of funds raised go to Advancement Services. 
  • 5% of funds raised go to Education.