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National Student Exchange (NSE) Program

National Student Exchange Program 

Texas A&M University-Kingsville has chosen to partner with the National Student Exchange (NSE) organization to offer students the opportunity of spending a semester studying at another partnering university in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or Canada.

This is an ideal option for students who are looking to enrich their academic experience while gaining personal exploration and development within a domestic location. 

Benefits from participating in the NSE are taking courses not available at A&M University-Kingsville, studying with other professors and experts in your field, living in a different geographical and cultural setting, and making professional connections in a new job market. 

Application Process 

Explore placement options by reviewing the list of participating university at A&M University-Kingsville students are only eligible to study at universities that are outside of the state of Texas. Students are encouraged to select a campus that utilizes the NSE Home Payment plan but are able to apply to campuses who offer the NSE Host Payment plan as well. Students should determine their top 5 universities as first choice placements are not guaranteed. 

Applications are to be submitted through the NSE portal with student placements to be determined in March. Placements after March may be considered but might limit a student's changes of getting into their top choices. If selected, students will be notified of their placement at one of their listed universities and asked to confirm their participation. Students will continue working on application items with NSE and work with the host university to complete the next steps directly with them. Communication regarding items such as housing, courses, orientation, and arrival information, etc. will come from the host university. 

Course Registration for Home Payment Plan Option 

Confirmed students will complete documentation with our university's NSE campus advisor, Dr. Tom Spencer and in coordination with our office, to initiate the enrollment into specific placeholder courses. Students will be charged their regular tuition and fees based on the amount of credits they enroll in the place holder courses. Being enrolled in the place holder courses indicates you are still a Texas A&M University-Kingsville student who is studying away for the given term. It also allow the student to still have access to their financial aid and scholarships.