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Faculty Overview 

Faculty-Led Programs allow students to gain a innovative educational experience that can lead to better grades, faster completion rates and earn a higher starting salary. However, leading a program can be just as an impactful experience for the faculty as well. Through a real-world setting, faculty are able to connect with their students and their curriculum in a way that isn't possible when in the classroom. It becomes a rewarding experience that transforms the learning environment from obligation to independence.   

Developing a faculty-led program, short term (2 to 10 weeks) is a continuous process that involves early discussions as well as timely completion of a detailed proposal application packet. The general recommendation is to begin these steps at minimum 3 months before the proposal submission deadline for that academic year. 

The complete implementation process of an approved faculty-led program typically takes at least 12 months from start to finish. This includes time for recruitment, finalizing logistics, student preparation, and completing pre-departure and post program requirements.

Proposal Timeline for 2023-2024 Faculty-Led Programs  

  • June 2       Faculty-Led Proposal Packets Due   
  • June 20     Notification of Proposal Decisions Sent  
  • July 1        Approved Faculty-Led Programs Open for Registration on Via Global 

Visit our Proposal Development Timeline page for more information regarding the recommended process for developing a faculty-led program proposal.