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Student Travel

When TAMUK students are traveling more than 25 miles from campus (either with or without Faculty/Staff) for an activity or event that is organized or sponsored by the University (including all class travel and field trips), funded by the University, using a vehicle owned or leased by the University; or travel required by a student organization registered at the University, the Office of the Dean of Students must be notified and give approval for the trip.  Unapproved trips are ineligible for funding from the University, and/or ineligible to be covered by liability insurance.  If travel commences without approval, the University will not be responsible for any issues/accidents/injuries that result during the travel.

Visit the Student Travel Procedures webpage for more information.

Unlike employee travel, all receipts are required for student travel expenses.

State funds cannot be used to fund student travel; only local funds can be used.

Employee travel expenses to recruit out-of-state students must be funded with local funds. State funds cannot be used to recruit out-of-state students.


Employee travel expenses to recruit in-state students can be funded with state or local funds.


Prospective student travel must be funded with local funds, and has the same receipt requirements of student travel.

The University allows for travel funds to be advanced for out-of-town travel with students. The qualified department(s) must used the following guidelines in order to receive a cash advance for travel:

Use the Travel with Students Checklist and the Cash Advance Itinerary to plan your trip and calculate how much cash will be needed in order to take the trip. Make a list of the students (with K#'s) and employees that will be attending the event. Prepare a requisition, at least a two (2) weeks in advance, to get the proper approvals and signatures and so that the Business Office will receive your requisition in plenty of time to fulfill your cash advance request. The requisition must include the following items:

Name of the event you will be taking the students

Destination - where you will be taking the students

Departure - time and date of departure

Return - time and date of return

List of students (with K#'s) and employees that will be going

Name of the department that is traveling

Amount of funds needed.

The Cash Advance Itinerary showing the breakdown of how you arrived at the amount of funds that will be needed in each anticipated expense (meals, lodging, etc.)

Time funds will be picked up.

Only full time traveling employees will be allowed to pick up funds at the cashiers.

Original Itemized receipts for all the expenditures and/or the funds left over must be turned in within four (4) days after the trip end date.

If students have been given a daily per diem, please send a list of their names along with their signatures to confirm receipt of the provided funds.  

Only one (1) cash advance at a time will be allowed per individual. You cannot pick up a second advance if the first cash advance is still outstanding.

Remember that only qualified travel expenses will be allowed. Unallowable expenses must be reimbursed to the university by the travelers.

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