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South Texas Navy Pathway

South Texas Navy Pathway

Program Overview

To increase naval awareness among STEM students, instructors have undertaken course redesigns of selected undergraduate and graduate engineering courses within the College of Engineering (CoE) to introduce and strengthen naval relevance in presentations, projects, and applications. In addition, through the Navy pathway program, instructors aim to establish research collaboration with nearby NAS and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) at various levels. The research collaboration will couple TAMUK Engineering faculty members with either NAS engineers or NRL researchers to co-design and co-advise various undergraduate and graduate level research programs, such as senior design, service learning, TAMUK Council for Undergraduate Research (TCUR), master and doctoral thesis.

Program Investigators (PI)


PI: Dr. Xue Yang

Assistant Prof. of Mechanical Engineering

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

TEL: 361-593-3486

FAX: 361-593-4026



Co-PI: Dr. Amit Verma

Prof. of Electrical Engineering

Texas A&M University-Kingsville 

TEL: 361-593-4012 

FAX: 361-593-4026 



Co-PI: Dr. Hong Zhou

Prof. of Mechanical Engineering

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

TEL: 361-593-4314

FAX: 361-593-4026



Co-PI: Dr. Raghu Raj

Research Scientist

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

TEL: 202-767-3662

FAX: 202-767-6276



Co-PI: Dr. Michael Preuss

Executive Director of West Texas Office of Evaluation and Research

West Texas A&M University

TEL: 336-501-1692




This project is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (N00014-18-1-2732).

The South Texas Navy Pathway program is in collaboration with our partners from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, and the Kingsville Naval Air Station.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Naval Air Station Kingsville

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

The program is currently adding curriculum changes to undergraduate and graduate courses starting in the Spring 2019 semester. These changes aim to introduce naval relevant applications and course projects to increase naval awareness. Graduate courses have been restructured to provide online course modules. The following courses are currently integrating Navy relevant projects and learning modules.


Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Courses
Course ID Course Title Instructors
EEEN 3331 Circuits and Electromagnetic Devices Xingang Fu
EEEN 3333 Linear Systems and Signals Xingang Fu
EEEN 4224 Electrical and Computer Eng. Projects Lifford McLauchlan
EEEN 4329 Communications Engineering George Toscano
EEEN 5303 Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering Rajab Challo Gahangir Hossain Lifford McLauchlan Amit Verma
EEEN 5333 Principles of VLSI Circuit Desing Reza Nekovei
EEEN 5342 Wireless Communications Taesic Kim
CSEN 2328 Data Structures and Algorithms Maleq Khan
CSEN 3314 Database Systems Ayush Goyal
CSEN 3330 Android Mobile Development David Hicks
CSEN 4362 Operating Systems Gahangir Hossain
CSEN 4366 Programming Languages Zhaohui Wang

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Courses
Course ID Course Title Instructors
MEEN 3344 Materials Science Mohammad Hossain
MEEN 3349 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Larry Peel
MEEN 3360 Engineering Design & Simulation Shah Allam
MEEN 4351 Machine Design Muhammad Aurangzeb
MEEN 4385 Manufacturing of Composites Larry Peel
MEEN 5318 Advanced Dynamics Hong Zhou
MEEN 5330 Continuum Mechanics Hong Zhou

To further promote awareness of local NAS and the U.S. Office of Naval Research, the program is conducting outreach within the university, as well as local K-12 schools. Check out the programs facebook page for further information and current outreach projects.

Facebook Page

Current and Past Research

A number of both graduate and undergraduate students are beginning research topics with Naval applications this semester.