Laboratory Based Robotics

Robotics Design Projects

Robotics-II (Spring Semester)

Robotics- II will be offered during the Spring semesters, starting in mid-January, as a continuation of Robotics-I. The students and teams from the Robotics-I course will be maintained during the Robotics–II course to ensure continuity for the design process and enhanced learning experience. Robotics-I will be made a pre-requisite for the Robotics-II and no new student will be allowed to take the Robotics–II separately.

The Robotics-II course learning objectives are that students will:

  1. be able to describe stationary and mobile robot kinematics in mathematical frameworks
  2. study signals and systems representation and filtering operations 
  3. learn the basics of wireless communication in robotics applications
  4. study advanced sensors and their operations
  5. utilize advanced control algorithms including state-space approach
  6. perform peer-mentoring activities at college and high school levels.

According to the course modules and the project timeline, teaching and hands-on laboratory activities will be performed simultaneously in the same room (EC 275) to maximize the true learning experience. Each team will prepare two progress reports, one around the mid-term, and the other one at the end of the spring semester just before going to the IEEE regional competition. The proposed course modules for Robotics-II are given in Table below as well as in syllabus.


Table : Robotics-II Course Contents