Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering

High Performance Computing Center

TAMUK CoE HPCC User Support, Documentation & Notes

Problems Logging In

If you have difficulty logging in, please consult the information you received when your account was originally set up.  If you no longer have that information, you can request the latest copy at

Other login problems can be caused by expiration of a password or expiration of your account.  Per University policy, passwords are good for 180 days and you will receive warnings of the pending expiration beginning 30 days before the expiration date.  Consequently, it is a good idea to log in occasionally even if you don't have any work to do immediately.  The overall account expiration date is set to some value consistent with the information you supplied when your account was created.  If you think your password or account has expired you can email the system administrator at to request assistance.

If you are having some other peculiar login problem, please do a screen capture of the error you are receiving and email it to and we will contact you about how to resolve the problem.

Problems Running a Particular Application

If you are having problems using a particular application, be it commercial or open-source, the best course of action is to consult the documentation provided by the company or organization that supplies the application.  Links to the various web sites of software providers can be found in the Application Software section.  Another possibility would be to consult your research supervisor or some faculty member with knowledge of the particular application.  The HPCC system administrator will try to help you solve problems, but you have to remember that it is almost impossible for the system administrator to be an expert in all of the application software that is available, especially with respect to the application of some software feature in a particular academic discipline.

Use the Web as a Source of Information

Fortunately, almost any kind of technical problem an HPCC user can encounter has already been solved by someone somewhere--probably multiple times and in multiple ways.  Consequently, a web search with cleverly-constructed search criteria will usually yield multiple solutions to a problem at hand or to a problem that is similar.  If you find several solutions, take the time to study several of them to see which one bests fits your situation.