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Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering

The Ph.D. program in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering within the Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering is a multidisciplinary program that integrates various fields of Engineering and Science. The theme of the Ph.D. program addresses various aspects of energy research including the sustainable utilization of fossil fuels and renewable resources, design of devices for efficient energy conversion, smart distribution and storage of energy, and sustainability and environmental impact of energy-related activities.

The program provides students with opportunities to participate in the intricate and interdisciplinary engineering and science research topics in energy-related fields and enables students of exceptional ability to undertake cutting-edge research in energy-related topics.  It also prepares students to solve problems in an increasingly complex, dynamic, and global energy society, prepares candidates to become entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions and to be successful in their chosen career paths.

Course work:

Core Courses: Advanced Engineering Math for Energy Systems, Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy, Fundamentals of Power Generation and Storage, Energy Systems Integration and Design, Research in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering, Graduate Seminar in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering.

Elective Courses: Multiphysics Modeling, Thermal Engineering Systems, Advanced Combustion, Energy Resource Management and Optimization, Smart Grids, Power Electronics, Solar Power, Wind Power, Nuclear Power, Advanced Chemical Kinetics, Sustainable Construction and Materials, and other special topics.

Admissions Application Requirements:

The minimum admission requirements for the Ph.D. program require applicants to have earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering or Science, must submit a complete curriculum vitae, copies of transcripts from each institution of higher education attended, a statement of purpose describing their research interests, three letters of recommendation from their academic or professional contacts, a nonrefundable application fee, GRE scores, and TOEFL score for applicants, whose native language is not English. Admission is highly competitive and decisions are based on the evaluation of multiple factors, including the need, capacity, and resources of our program.

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Degree requirements:

The Ph.D. program includes a total of 63 Semester Credit Hours (SCH) beyond the master’s degree.  This will include 15 SCH required courses, 15 SCH elective courses, 27-30 SCH of research in sustainable energy systems engineering dedicating to student’s dissertation work, and 6 SCH of graduate seminar. Students must also pass a qualifying examination, be admitted to candidacy, and must successfully defend doctoral dissertation.

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Assistantships and scholarships are available to qualified students.

NRC Nuclear Engineering Doctoral Fellowship

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