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Educational Leadership and Counseling

Educational Leadership and Counseling Faculty

Profile picture of Dr. Kelly Hall

Dr. Kelly Hall

Department Chair; Assistant Professor; Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Co-Coordinator; Higher Education Administration and Leadership Coordinator

Profile picture of Dr. Steve Bain

Dr. Steve Bain


Dr. Linda Challoo

Professor; Instructional Technology Coordinator; STEM Doctoral Level Transcripted Certificate Coordinator

Profile picture of Dr. Jeffery Chernosky

Dr. Jeffery Chernosky

Assistant Professor, Educational Administration Co-Coordinator

Profile picture of Dr. Karen Furgerson

Dr. Karen Furgerson

Associate Professor; School Counseling Coordinator

Profile picture of Dr. Kristopher Garza

Dr. Kristopher Garza

Associate Professor; CACREP Liaison; Practicum and Internship Coordinator

Profile picture of Dr. Don Jones

Dr. Don Jones

Associate Professor; Superintendency Coordinator

Profile picture of Dr. Ya-Wen Melissa Liang

Dr. Ya-Wen Melissa Liang

Associate Professor; Clinical Mental Health Counseling Coordinator; Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Faculty Advisor

Dr. Elvira E. Sanatullova-Allison

Professor; M.Ed. in Adult Education Program Contact

Profile picture of Dr. Daniella Varela

Dr. Daniella Varela

Assistant Professor

Profile picture of Dr. Lori Kupczynski

Dr. Lori Kupczynski