Office of the Dean of Students

Javelina Emergency Care

Javelina Emergency Aid Grant Application

Students applying for aid may apply as many times in a school year as desired; however, grant aid will only be awarded up to a maximum amount of $250 in one academic year (fall, spring, and summer), and awards are based on availability of funds.  Grant aid does not have to be repaid.  Awards through this program will not affect future federal financial aid eligibility or calculation of need for future aid. Decisions of the Javelina Emergency Aid Committee are final and will be communicated to the student via email or phone call.  Funds are generally available within 1 business day.

Please submit any documents which further provide evidence of the emergency you are experiencing to the Office of the Dean of Students, MSUB 306 or by emailing them to

By submitting this form I attest to the fact that I am the student in question and that all information is truthful and accurate.  Texas A&M University-Kingsville has the right to deny any request for emergency aid or to demand repayment of the funds if the request is found to be submitted fraudulently.