Office of the Dean of Students

Behavioral Intervention Team

BIT Protocol

The team will review incident reports or referrals of concerning behavior considered disruptive, self-injurious, suspicious, or unusual.

1. The Chair will review the incident / referral and convene all or a portion of the team as deemed necessary.

2. The team may consult with the administration, faculty, staff and other students affected by the inappropriate behavior to ascertain the facts of the situation. It may also review other cases/incidents to discern if there is a pattern or connection with the incident in question.

3. The team will assess the situation and determine the appropriate steps based upon the severity of the concern, the ability of the individual in question to work on a resolution and other mitigating factors.

4. A specific strategy to manage the situation with regard to the individual’s best interests, the safety and rights of others and to minimize the disruption to the campus community will be developed. This may include providing advice and counsel to those faculty or staff working with the student, or a decision to intervene directly with the student.

5. The team will coordinate the university response and follow up consistent with university policy, established protocols and state and federal laws. This may include recommendations to the Chief Student Affairs Officer, Emergency Management Team if appropriate and other university officials regarding the implementation of interim administrative measures, referral for counseling or other support services, or the immediate suspension of an individual who may be deemed dangerous to themselves or others on campus.

6. Following conclusion of a situation, the team will meet to debrief, evaluate the outcome and make recommendations to the appropriate university officials.