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General Psychology, MA/MS

Program Description

Our Masters in General Psychology is designed to provide students with the academic precursors for continuing with a PhD degree. Our masters in general psychology students succeed in careers in teaching and/or research settings. Those graduates who choose to obtain a PhD select doctoral degrees in Social Psychology, Education, Developmental Education, Audiology, and Neuroscience Psychology. 

Our General Psychology program is not a treatment/mental health oriented program, and consequently is not oriented for students to prepare to become a therapist. If interested in preparing for licensure for clinical please go to our counseling psychology. 


M.A. in General Psychology

Department website:

The information below is just information for our Graduate General Psychology program. If you are looking for information about our Graduate Counseling Psychology program please go back to the previous page. Our graduate psychology general program offers both thesis and non-thesis options. Please go to degree requirement tab and select thesis/non-thesis tab for more information.


Requirements for Admission:

1. undergraduate transcripts that show 18 semester hours of undergraduate psychology. These 18 semester hours must include: (i) 3 semester hours in statistics, (ii) 3 semester hours in experimental psychology/research methods, and the remaining 12 semester hours may be from the following psychology courses: cognitive psychology, learning and memory, social psychology, biopsychology, physiological psychology, sensation and perception, personality, abnormal, developmental psychology (lifespan, child, adolescent, or adult development), history and systems of psychology. 

2. transcripts that show an undergraduate Psychology GPA of at least 3.0

3. a GRE score of 297 (Verbal and Quantitative) ** waived for Spring 2023

4. a personal statement

5. a curriculum vitae

6. three letters of reference

These documents should be submitted to Graduate admissions:            

 Applicants to our psychology graduate general program must have a complete application before it is submitted to the Psychology Graduate Admissions Review committee. The Psychology Graduate Admissions Review committee reviews your application before formal acceptance into the program. In general, applications are accepted during the Spring semester for admission in the Fall and in the Fall for the Spring semester.


Dr. Brenda Hannon, PhD      **contact first**
Graduate Psychology Coordinator

Audrey Mullen
Administrative Associate III
Dr. Timothy Oblad, PhD
Department Chair