Department of Psychology and Sociology

Graduate Programs

Criminology, M.S.

The Master of Science in Criminology program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of criminology as well as an in-depth knowledge of one or more subfields within the discipline. The program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of settings across government, business, and non-profit sectors. The program is also designed to allow graduates to pursue further advanced study in criminology, criminal justice, justice studies, political science, law, sociology, or other closely related social scientific disciplines. The program offers thesis, project, and courses-only degree options.

Admission Requirements:

  • Full Admission - Minimum 2.6 Undergraduate GPA and a minimum GRE composite score of 284 or a 388 on the MAT
  • For Conditional Admission (full admission with stipulations) - Minimum 2.6 Undergraduate GPA

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