Art, Communication, and Theatre Arts

Certificate in Wildlife Photography

Students benefit in many ways from expertise in photography. High-quality photos improve the ability to communicate information and ideas. Good photos are instrumental in the arts as documentation for a professional portfolio, entering competition and exhibitions and reference for two and three dimensional works. Photography enables the documentation of methods and findings, and thereby the sharing of results.

All TAMUK students can now enroll in this multi-year program, graduating with a professional degree in their selected discipline and armed with a Certificate in Photography.

Graduates with a photography competence will possess additional qualifications and advantages to make them more marketable and increase their professional options. Courses in the program provide classroom and field training in many facets of photography, as well as computer postproduction instruction for the finest in publication-quality image-making.

In addition to professional instruction, students are equipped with the finest professional digital cameras, lenses, accessories and software that provide tools and the ability to capture images of widely diverse biological subjects in the lab and in the natural habitat.