Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture and Natural Resources



Multicultural-Scholars Pre-vet Experiential Learning

Project Director--Dr. Tanner Machado

The M-SPEAL program initiates a support system early in the educational career and continues by providing experiences and Experiential learning while Pre-Veterinary students pursue their degree at TAMUK.  Support will be via financial support and mentoring by program faculty with regards to academics, career opportunities, leadership, and marketable soft skills.  The students will be funded to work with Rural Veterinarians allowing the students see the need for rural veterinarians and the opportunities being a rural veterinarian provides.  Additionally, the students will receive a multicultural education, exposure to a culture different from their own, which takes place in Colombia (visit DVMs in Colombia) to establish a holistic view of the world while experiencing a veterinary medicine workplace environment that differs from the U.S.  The theme of this program is to emphasize that DVMs are a vital part in U.S. animal agriculture's global dynamic.


For the Students

  • Academic scholarships
  • Rural Vet Special Experiential Learning Activity
  • Multicultural Experience in Colombia, South America
  • Opportunities for USDA research internships
  • Mentoring program for college success
  • Building Spanish language capacity
  • Workshops to prepare for veterinary school applications

Project Director

Co-Project Directors

Selection of the first group of students will begin in the Fall of 2021
This will be updated in the Fall of 2021.