Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture and Natural Resources



(Getting Occupational Student Training in Agricultural Research Through Novel Workshops)

Project Director:  Dr. Randy Stanko


For the Students

  • Research-based experiential learning with one-on-one faculty mentorship.
  • Workshops at the Texas A&M Soltis Center for Education and Research in Costa Rica that utilizes the expertise of four collaborating institutions to provide education on four of the NIFA Priority Science Areas.
  • Professional internships with USDA agencies.


This's project goal is to empower underrepresented students, through excellence in soil, animal, plant, and agricultural sciences, to build career skills addressing the NIFA Priority Science Areas.  To achieve this goal the project will include:

  • Research-based experiential learning
  • Professional internships with USDA agencies
  • A soil, animal, and plant science workshop in Costa Rica

TAMUK--Lead Institution

University of Puerto Rico

Florida International University


To be added soon

Summer 2022

  • Edgar Cortez
  • Julianna Leal
  • Mathew Cantu
  • Clarissa Villareal
  • Alejandra Pena-Davila

Upcoming Events

  • Will be updated soon