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National Natural Toxins Research Center

NNTRC Faculty & Staff

Dr. Elda E. Sánchez

NNTRC Director & Department of Chemistry Professor

Profile picture of Dr. Peter Davies

Dr. Peter Davies

Co-Director of the NNTRC for Translational Research

Dr. Montamas Suntravat

NNTRC Assistant Professor

Dr. Emelyn Salazar Castillo

NNTRC Post-Doctoral Researcher

Profile picture of Nora Diaz DeLeon

Nora Diaz DeLeon

NNTRC Administrative Officer

Profile picture of Mark Hockmuller

Mark Hockmuller

NNTRC Serpentarium Curator

Profile picture of Juan Salinas

Juan Salinas

NNTRC Serpentarium Animal Technician

Profile picture of   Dr. John C. Perez

Dr. John C. Perez

Professor Emeritus