Office of International Student & Scholar Services

J-1 Exchange Visitors

Maintain J-1 Exchange Visitor Status

As a J-1 Exchange Visitor, it is necessary to become familiar with the maintenance of your non-immigrant status while in the US. While the steps to follow to keep your J-1 status valid are simple, please review the information found below. As an Exchange Visitor, maintaining your status is your responsibility. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Office of International Student & Scholar Services (OISSS) for assistance.

  1. Engage only in the activities permitted by the program and category of your Exchange Visitor status. Your responsibilities/purpose at Tamuk should not be different from the original invitation to visit the University.
  2. Refrain from unauthorized employment – you are only eligible to take part in research/teaching duties based on the information provided to OISSS for your initial application for a Form DS-2019.
  3. Have a valid, unexpired Form DS-2019 with you at all times.
  4. Obtain and maintain health insurance that meets the minimum requirements as defined by the US Department of State (submit Form OISSS-205 to our office). At a minimum, insurance shall have the coverage outlined below. Here is a list of insurance companies that work with Exchange Visitors.
  • medical benefits of at least $100,000 per person, per accident or illness
  • repatriation of remains in the amount of $25,000
  • expenses associated with medical evacuation in the amount of $50,000
  • shall not have a deductible that exceeds $500 per accident/illness
  1. Report changes in your local/residential address within 10 days of the move. Departmental address or P.O. boxes cannot be submitted. This information is then forwarded to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If you are from a country for which the US government requires “Special Registration”, you are also required to submit Form AR-11 to USCIS directly.
  2. Maintain a valid passport at all times.
  3. When you are about to depart TAMUK, please complete Form OISSS-90: Departure Verification. If you have maintained your status, you may remain in the US for up to 30 days (“grace period”) after the completion of your program. If you plan to travel away from Kingsville and within the USA for an extended time for personal reasons, please email your TAMUK sponsoring advisor's approval and your itinerary to OISSS.