Project Goals

The main purpose of this multi-HSI-institutional regional collaborative project is to increase the number of South Texas students obtaining degrees from two 2-year Associate degree granting institutions transitioning to 4-year Bachelor of Science degrees in the biological and agricultural sciences from the University of Texas-Pan American and Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  Faculty at UTPA and TAMUK will provide undergraduate training through a series of targeted summer short-courses, internships, and research projects in the soil, animal, and natural resource sciences.

Project Goals:

  1. Educate students at 2-year Associate degree institutions (STC & TSTC) in the agriculture and food related science for preparation to transition to 4-year B.S. degree institution (UTPA & TAMUK) through 'summer camp' training short-courses in soil and plant science, animal and meat science, entomology and biotechnology, or tour visits to USDA agencies.
  2. Develop "hands-on" research training opportunities through internships with UTPA, TAMUK, USDA-APHIS, -NRCS, -AMS, or -ARS and opportunities for research experience under a faculty mentor.
  3. Enhance exposure of South Texas students to agriculturally-based science professional societies through presentations at regional and national meetings.
  4. Increase the recruitment of an underserved population of students from the Lower Rio Grande Valley school systems to a 4-year agricultural science-base university (UTPA or TAMUK) such that students are able to enter directly into graduate schools or the USDA workforce upon graduation.

This page was last updated on: June 8, 2016