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Welcome to the Honors College at Texas A&M University-Kingsville!

     The Honors College provides a foundation for our students to get the most out of their academic experience. Our goal is to engage students in an enriched educational experience through increased undergraduate research opportunities, creative collaborations, leadership develop-ment, community engagement, unique internships, and international program opportunities. Students may pursue any major they choose, thus being part of two academic colleges. To graduate from the Honors College, students must take honors courses and conduct a senior research project. These experiences provide a comprehensive approach to learning.

     At the Honors College, we also believe in the concept of living-learning residential programs. Our adminis-trative offices are located in the Mesquite Village West residence hall, where we have an Honors Living-Learning Community. We are excited to welcome both our current and newly admitted Javelina Honors students. If you have not applied to the Honors College and think you may qualify, please review our application procedures on this website. You can join the Honors College as an incoming freshman or transfer student. You can also apply as a current student at TAMUK.

Dr. Kim McCuistion
Interim Dean

Honors College Orientation

The Honors College will hold its Fall 2016 orientation on Sunday, August 21, 2016 in the Peacock Room of the Biology Building.  Students need to sign-in at 2:30pm.  Important information will be handed out and there will be Honors College SWAG!!!

Welcome to the Honors College starting Fall 2016

A record number of students will start at the Honors College in Fall 2016.  The 92 students who will start taking Honors courses this semester are from different backgrounds:  Transfers 3; Current Students: 5; Returning Students: 2; and Freshman: 82. Welcome everyone.  We are excited to have you join our family.

Tomisin A. – Geology; Richmond

Karen Eliza A. – Chemistry; Brownsville

Sydney A. – Kinesiology; Belton

Khrisgina A.  - Biomedical Sciences; Seguin

Cameron A. – Chemistry; Corpus Christi

Daniel A. - Mechanical Engineering; Los Fresnos

Steven (Wyatt) B.  - Mechanical Engineering; Uvalde

Mark B. – Biology; Adkins

Sarah B. - Biology; San Antonio

Ixchel B.  - Music; Weslaco

Samuel B. - Mechanical Engineering; Victoria

Samantha B.  – Chemistry; San Antonio

Jaron B. - Chemical Engineering; Corpus Christi

Katy B.  - Environmental Engineering; Raymondville

Michael C. - Chemical Engineering; Harlingen

Wilson C.  – Accounting; Corpus Christi

Arlene C.  – Marketing; Corpus Christi

Jorge C. - Animal Science; Laredo

Ben C. – Chemistry; Kingsville

Crystal C.  – Chemistry; Lexington, KY and Kingsville

Caitlin C.  – CSDO; Poteet

Su-Yin (Sue) D. - Animal Science; Plano

Miranda, DLG - Environmental Engineering; Kingsville

William D. - Computer Science Engineering and Music; Kingsville

Megan E. - Chemical Engineering; Commerce (Ladonia)

Bryttanie E. - Animal Science; Weslaco

Gabriel (Galileo) E.  - Civil Engineering; Corpus Christi

Alyssa F. – Kinesiology; Corpus Christi

Claudia F.  - Chemical Engineering; Corpus Christi

Nestor (Daniel) F.  - Architectural Engineering; Harlingen

Sarah F. - Animal Science; Schertz

Gabriel G. - Mechanical Engineering; Corpus Christi

Joshua G. - Criminal Justice; Spring

Matthew G.  - Animal Science; Premont

Roger G.  - Biomedical Sciences; Taft

Trisha G.  - Biomedical Sciences; Zapata

Cristi G. - Civil Engineering; Brownsville

Jeromy G. - Natural Gas Engineering; Alice

Rene G.  - Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy); La Feria

Sierra G. – History; Portland

Joel G.  - Computer Science Engineering; Corpus Christi

Alec G. - Mechanical Engineering; Kingsville

Alexis G. - Interdisciplinary Studies; Corpus Christi

Samantha G. - Animal Science; Laredo

Isaac G. – Music; Los Fresnos

Lauren H. – Geology; Corpus Christi

Ashley H. - Animal Science; Hallettsville

Recca H. - Animal Science; Banquete

Elizabeth H. - Natural Gas Engineering; Providence Village

Vanessa J. - Chemical Engineering; Portland

Richard K. - Animal Science; Rowlett

Carolyn L.  – Music; Rockford, IL and Brownsville

Ian L. - Chemical Engineering and Chemistry; College Station

Stacy L.  - Biology (Pre-Pharmacy); College Station

Anh Nguyen Thuy (Ann) l. Chemistry; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Marco L. – Chemistry; Detroit, MI

Andrea L.  - Animal Science; Laredo

Robin M. – History; Kingsville

Isaiah M. - Environmental Engineering; Edcouch

Brandon M. - Mechanical Engineering; Mission

Alex M. - Chemical Engineering; Corpus Christi

Alexandria M. – Criminology; McAllen

Dohnovan M. - Industrial Management & Technology Engineering; Corpus Christi

Diane M. - Computer Science Engineering; Kingsville

Kattie Dean N. - Chemical Engineering; Poteet

Jeremiah O. - Computer Science Engineering; Mission

Natalie O.  – Chemistry; Corpus Christi

Adi P. - Mechanical Engineering; Corpus Christi

Angel P. - Environmental Engineering; San Benito

Anthony P. – Music; Harlingen

Brianna P. - Biomedical Sciences; Kingsville

Ismael P. - Chemical Engineering; Victoria

David (Ryan) P. – Business; Katy

Raul R. - Chemical Engineering; Kingsville

Valerie R. - Animal Science; San Antonio

Camila S. - Biomedical Sciences; Harlingen

Gaby S. - Animal Science; Laredo

Sophia S. - Animal Science; Falfurrias

Trevor S. - Mechanical Engineering; Ottumwa, IA

Kadi S. - Biomedical Sciences; Georgetown

Marci S. Social Work; Georgetown

Christian SJ – Biology; Alamo

Ian S. – Chemistry; Los Fresnos

Jon (JR) T. - Environmental Engineering; Grapevine

Sydnee T - Marketing; Corpus Christi

Amanda T. - Biomedical Sciences; Cibolo

Matthew T. - Mechanical Engineering; Louise

Amaris T. - Chemical Engineering; San Antonio

Gillian V. – Music; Los Fresnos

Abdullah W. - Mechanical Engineering; Laredo

Avery W. - Music; Mathis

Carla Z.  – Chemistry; McAllen


Want to see who has graduated from the Honors College?  Check out our Alumni section.

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The TAMUK Honors College is affiliated with:

The National Collegiate Honors Council

The Great Plains Honors Council

Alpha Lambda Delta

Golden Key International Honour Society

The Honors Society of Phi Kappa Phi



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