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Graduation FAQ's

1. What time are the graduates to arrive at the ceremony? 

Candidates will assemble in the Steinke Physical Education Center(SPEC) ONE hour prior to graduation time.

2. What time do the doors open for the guests? 

Doors will open 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony. 

3. Where should visitors park their cars? 

Any designated available parking area; please refer to the campus parking map.

4. Will tickets be needed to enter the ceremony? 

No tickets will be given out, seating will be on a first come first serve basis. 

5. I want to take an individual graduation picture, when and where can I do that? 

Flash Photography is the university’s official photographer. You will be contacted directly by Flash Photography via postal services or email with proofs of your pictures and an opportunity to order them. For further information, you may contact the Office of Student Affairs (361) 593-3612.

6. Will there be a DVD of the ceremony available for sale? 

A video of the commencement will be produced by the staff of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Radio/Television Unit. You may order one or several DVDs for $30 each, including tax and shipping, prepaid by cash, check or credit card. DVDs will be shipped to your home and should arrive within six weeks. For further information, you may contact the ACT Office at (361) 593-3401.

7. Is there a specific dress code?

There is no preference on what you wear other than your cap and gown at commencement.

8. What if I have a hold with the university? 

All holds need to be taken care of prior to your commencement.

9. What if I am not going to be able to attend commencement? 

All candidates are expected to be present to receive their diplomas.  If it is not possible for you to attend the commencement ceremony, your degree can be awarded in absentia provided you notify the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in writing by May 11, and give sufficient reason for non-attendance.   You may fax your absentia notice to: 361-593-3107.

10. Can the student wear their undergraduate cap and gown as a graduate to commencement? 

No, they must purchase their specified cap and gown according to their level (Undergrad, Grad, Doctoral)

This also includes the different tassels that are for graduate and doctoral students.

11. What side do I put my tassel on? 

Tassels are traditionally worn on the right side of the cap and then moved to the left once notified (Graduated) to do so.

12. Will there be any University Bookstore employees at commencement?

There should be two University Bookstore employees that will assist any graduating student with replacing tassels (if they have a tassel already) that are color coded specifically for their level (Graduate, Doctoral)

University Bookstore employees will also assist the graduating students with the fixing of hoods.