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Texas A&M-Kingsville revamps Intensive English program to offer online, fast track program

KINGSVILLE - February 07, 2013

Contact: Julie Navejar
julie.navejar@tamuk.edu or 361-593-2590

Texas A&M University-Kingsville is home to hundreds of international students who come from abroad to take advantage of the university’s premiere degree offerings. However, not all of them come from their home country with enough proficiency in the language to be able to be successful in a course taught in English. Enter the English Language Training Center (ELTC), formerly the Intensive English Program.

The ELTC is implementing two new programs this year geared toward making learning English easier and more convenient for the non-English speaker. A third new program aims to give those wishing to apply for United States citizenship a head start.

 “Our new curriculum will allow us to better serve current and future students,” said Marilu Salazar, director of the ELTC. “It features a holistic approach to learning as well as the use of technology. We believe, and studies have shown, that a holistic approach to teaching facilitates a deeper understanding and, therefore, mastery of a second language.

“Classes in reading, writing, listening and speaking are integrated and taught in a manner which demonstrates the interconnectedness of all aspects of English as opposed to teaching each of the core components in isolation, leaving second language learners unable to understand how one class or element relates to another,” she added.

Salazar said to meet the need of today’s digital learners, the ELTC has expanded the use of technology through social media, digital devices and the latest English as a Second Language (ESL) software.

Beginning in June, ELTC will offer a Fast Track program that is designed for students who wants to be admitted into Texas A&M-Kingsville in the fall 2013 semester and do not meet the language requirements for full admission. In Fast Track, students will complete the 16-week curriculum in eight to nine weeks. Two sessions could be completed in the summer, one beginning in June and the second in July.

Fast Track will be fast-paced, innovative and intensive and will focus on fostering skills necessary for academic preparedness like note-taking, active reading and academic writing. Students who have been admitted in the intermediate or advanced level of English instruction are eligible for this program.

A distance learning program for those learning English will begin in July. This will allow international students who want to save on expenses involved with acquiring an F1visa. English learners do not have to be on campus, but may take this course from their home country. 

The program will be taught using a high definition webcam and student assessment is available through secure, online access to the testing site.

Although the course is taught via distance learning, students who want to meet their teachers and fellow students may acquire a tourist visa and attend Welcome Week, which will include opportunities for cultural immersion and field trips.

A third program beginning in the fall is a ESL civics program designed for members of the Kingsville and South Texas communities who want to begin the process of becoming a United States citizen. The course will be taught using a team approach so that students will not only receive English language instruction, but also instruction in all areas relevant to the citizenship process. Classes in this program will be taught in the evening to accommodate those who work during the day.

Tuition costs vary for each program depending on the length of the full-time program, ranging from $1,195 for a four-week program to $3,995 for a 16-week course. These costs do not include book fees or student access fees. Part-time tuition varies depending on the number of hours a student takes. Tuition costs for the ESL civics program have not yet been determined.

For more information on these and other programs offered by the ELTC, please contact Michelle L. Butler, facilitator of marketing and recruitment at 361-593-2993 or email at michelle.butler@tamuk.edu.


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