Reinstatement of Your F-1 Student Status

Should you accidentally violate your status in a manner that results in the termination of that status, submission of an application for reinstatement must take place. Common actions that require reinstatement include, but are not limited to:

  1. unauthorized under-enrollment of credit hours
  2. failure to extend/request an extension within a timely manner of the student’s Form I-20 prior to the expiration date
  3. a transfer student fails to complete the transfer of their status within the required timeframe

Unfortunately, violations that occurred more than five months in the past cannot be reinstated in the US.

Unauthorized employment does not qualify for reinstatement. In cases such as these, you will need to obtain a new I-20 for “Initial Attendance”, depart the US, obtain a new visa, and return.

During the period of time you are out of status, you are not eligible for immigration benefits, such as employment, until your status has been reinstated. Please remember, full-time enrollment is required during the reinstatement process.

Click here for re-instate your F-1 status information, if you are going to travel abroad and re-enter with a new F-1 visa.

You will need to prepare the following documents to apply for reinstatement without leaving the U.S.A.:

  1. completed Form I-539, indicating the purpose of the application as REINSTATEMENT in Section 2
  2. original financial documents, less than six months old (departmental funding letters that are less than six months old are acceptable)
  3. request a new I-20 for reinstatement purposes from OISSS.  Use Form ISSS-xxx, Request for F-1 Status Reinstatement.
  4. make copies of all previous I-20s (even if from a school other than TAMUK)
  5. make a copy of the biographical page of the passport, visa page, and front/back of paper I-94 card or computer print-out of your electronic I-94 card
  6. obtain a money order/cashier’s check (no personal check) for $370.00 made payable to the US Department of Homeland Security (fee subject to change)
  7. a letter addressed to the USCIS adjudicator addressing the following areas:
    1. when you first entered the US in F-1 status and the reason for entry
    2. how you violated your F-1 status
    3. that you have not committed any deportable actions other than failing to maintain your F-1 status
    4. that you are not employed in the US
    5. that you are currently pursuing a full course of study at TAMUK
    6. a brief explanation of the hardship you would encounter if this request is denied

Please make copies of all documentation prior to sending the request to the USCIS, OISSS will not keep copies of your reinstatement application. Please send your documents to:

USCIS Vermont Service Center
Attn: I-539
75 Lower Welden Street
St. Albans, VT 05479

OISSS will receive notification via SEVIS when the reinstatement has been approved and your record will be activated in SEVIS. When you receive the reinstated I-20, please visit OISSS so we may make a copy for our records.