Theses/Dissertations Final Requirement Steps

Steps for the final submission of Theses or Dissertations:

Step 1: After a successful defense, the student will submit the following final requirements:

  • The final document on regular paper with all required signatures for final approval and signature by the Graduate Dean,
  • A signed hard copy of the first page of the turn-it-in report, which includes the similarity index,
  • A soft copy of the final document (PDF version preferred) along with the complete copy of the turn-it-in report on a USB flash drive or CD (USB/CD will not be returned)
  • Thesis Defense and Comprehensive Exam form with committee member signatures for Master's students or the Dissertation Status Report with committee member signatures for Doctoral students.
  • Qualifying Exam for Doctoral Students.
  • Copyright form.
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) certificate (optional) for Ph.D. students only (Wildlife Science, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering).

Step 2: After the Graduate Dean’s approval, the staff in the graduate office will scan the signature page to the student.

Step 3: The completed signature page will be emailed to the student to be inserted into the final document.

Step 4: Submit the final thesis/dissertation to ProQuest. Follow the instructions to submit the full document. 

This page was last updated on: April 21, 2017