Employee Information

Annual Policy Notification 2015

January 2019 Employee Enhancement Newsletter

In this month’s Employee Newsletter, we discuss the following topics:

  • Online Seminar Reminder: Building Positive Relationships at Work
  • Aim for a Healthy Weight
  • New Year's Resolutions for Mental Health
  • Low-Risk Ways to Start Investing Your Money

January 2019 Supervisor Newsletter

In this month’s supervisor newsletter, we discuss the following topics:

  • Online Seminar Reminder: Building Positive Relationships at Work
  • 2018 Supervisor Excellence Webinar Series & Leadership Certificate Program
  • Being a Leader
  • How to Improve the Engagement of Your Employees
  • Ask Your EAP!

Holiday Schedule

The following link provides information on the Holiday Schedule for 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Birthday Leave

Birthday Leave Guidance


Salary Increases for Educational Achievement Awards

Termination Process for Departments

Notify HR of separation as soon as you are aware but NO later than the last day of employment.  Notification is preferred through email with the resignation letter attached (if applicable).  HR will contact the employee to schedule the exit interview.

*Please email all terminations to: TAMUK.EmployeeSeparationNotification@tamuk.edu

*This is very important because the employee must be terminated NO    LATER than their last working day.

  1. Terminate employees in Workday.
  2. Complete the final Timesheet.
  3. Finalize all leave requests and timecards.
  4. Collect desk/file keys.
  5. Cancel facility access codes (for your building).
  6. Deactivate and department specific accesses.
  7. Sign the Employee Exit Checklist and turn in to HR to be filed in employees file.

Process for Transferring within TAMUK 

  1. Must complete employee Transfer Checklist.
  2. Must receive new gold card if going to different department.
  3. Must attend orientation if going from a student worker to a Faculty or Staff position.

Child Protection Training

This handout provides information on how to complete the appropriate training as required by Senate Bill 1414.

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