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Zinc is used to protect from corrosion.


Symbol Name Atomic Number Atomic Weight Group Number
Zn Zinc 30 65.38 12


Standard State: solid at 298 K
Color: Bluish pale gray

Centuries before zinc was recognized as a distinct element, zinc ores were used for making brass.  An alloy containing 87% zinc has been found in prehistoric ruins in Transylvania.  Metallic Zinc was produced in the 13th century A.D. in India by reducing calamine with charcoal.

The metal is employed to form numerous alloys with other metals.  Brass, nickel, silver, typewriter metal, commercial bronze, spring brass, German Silver, and solder.   Large quantities of zinc are used to produce die castings, used extensively to galvanize other metals used in the automotive industry.

Zinc is an essential element in the growth of human beings and animals.