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Certain baseball bats have Scandium to improve strength.


Symbol Name Atomic Number Atomic Weight Group Number
Sc Scandium 21 44.955910 3


Standard State: solid at 298 K
Color: Silvery white

On the basis of the Periodic System, Mendelev predicted the existence of ekabaron, which would have an atomic weight between 40 of calcium and 48 of titanium.  The element was discovered by Nilson in 1876 in the minerals euxenite and gadolinite, which had not yet been found anywhere except in Scandinavia. By processing 10kg of euxenite and other residues of rare-earth minerals, Nilson was able to prepare about 2g of scandium oxide of high purity. It is about the 23rd most abundant element in the sun.  Compared to the 50th most abundant element on earth, occurring in very minute quantities in over 800 mineral species.  Pure scandium is now produced by reducing scandium fluoride with calcium metal.  It is a very light metal and has a much higher melting point than aluminum, making it of interest to designers of space missiles.