B.S. of Agriculture in Agribusiness

Agribusiness RELLIS Campus

Vision Statement:

Agribusiness program is committed to deliver excellent programs in agriculture and natural resource management, founded upon experiential learning, that develop critical thinking and applications of career development skills to help students achieve their professional and career goals.


This degree will offer students the opportunity to examine how business principles are applied to the agricultural sector. The degree will position students for a career in sales, financial analyst, forest products manager, agricultural economist, loan officer, farm labor specialist, marketing specialist, e-commerce specialist, grain merchandiser, entrepreneur and business development.We will be offering junior and senior level coursework at RELLIS to compliment your community college coursework and help you earn a Bachelor’s degree.

Program Description:

Our academic program provides a solid foundation for understanding agribusiness principles applied to our current market. Courses in agribusiness marketing, finance, management and strategic planning offer a well-balanced coverage of the entire field. This program also includes a business minor, which further specializes the program to train students in business principles that will help them succeed in various opportunities.

A unique aspect of the agribusiness program at RELLIS is the opportunity for additional instruction from faculty at Texas A&M University Kingsville and an opportunity to continue with a Masters in Agribusiness to further advance academic knowledge and career advancement. Students will login through experiential learning opportunities at RELLIS and Texas A&M University Kingsville, which again presents value-added opportunities for students engaged in this degree program.

The B.S. degree in Agribusiness prepares students for careers in the nation’s growing agribusiness sector as well as the future of the industry. Students integrate business management principles with technical knowledge to develop practical decision-making skills. Enrolling in this program, engaging in related experiential learning opportunities and building relationships with our faculty at both RELLIS and Texas A&M University Kingsville allows graduates of the program to build successful careers in non-ag firms as well as with more traditional agribusiness companies.

List of Courses

Lower Division Courses:

(can be transferred from community college)

  • Introduction to Agricultural Economics
  • Introduction to Agribusiness Management
  • Mathematics for Business and Economics
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Technical Writing

Upper Division Core Courses:

  • Farm Management
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking
  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Consulting
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Agricultural Price Risk Management
  • Marketing of Farm Products
  • Rangeland Resource Economics

Elective Courses (Includes a General Business Minor)

  • Agribusiness Special Topics
  • Business Law
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources
  • Business Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management

Through innovative partnerships, students begin studies at Blinn College at RELLIS Campus and transfer seamlessly to bachelor programs available through Texas A&M System regional universities.

With programs in agribusiness, general business and advanced academic planning, the RELLIS Academic Alliance will serve as the model for the future of higher education.

B.A. in Agribusiness
With emphasis in general business

Training in agribusiness will prepare students for the ever changing economy of food production, processing, marketing, retail and related business opportunities. These career opportunities are not only vast for applicants to achieve career goals, but also essential for our healthy economy, but food security, safety and availability are important for a strong society. Your interest in this career area is a valuable career choice.


Continued consolidation of agribusiness organizations offers opportunities for career development and promotion. Anticipated increases in the housing and building construction industry will spur growth in forest Biomaterial businesses as well as in landscape contracting and management. As consumers purchase more fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic crops, related purchasing and marketing strategies and personnel will change. Forest management companies and agribusinesses will continue to hire environmental consultants to ensure environmental quality and to comply with governmental regulations. Growing e-commerce operations in all industries will increase employment opportunities for graduates with specialized skills in online marketing and social media. Your coursework at RELLIS will compliment your community college coursework and prepare you to meet these career opportunities.