Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Assessment Program

Institutional Effectiveness

Important Dates

Important Dates
Reporting Units Due Dates Report Recipients
Academic Departments Friday, January 31, 2021 Dean and CAP
Support or Service Units Friday, January 31, 2021 AVP and CAP
Colleges Friday, February 21, 2022 Provost and CAP
AVPs Friday, February 21, 2022 Vice President and CAP
Vice Presidents Monday, March 14, 2021 President and CAP

All Academic and non-academic units, including departments, colleges, and divisions are required to submit an IE report.

Although writing the report can be time-consuming, it’s a valuable opportunity to review accomplishments, enumerate our goals, and refocus our attention on the University’s mission. Additionally, working on the report provides time for thoughtful consideration of resources and the articulation of an effective course of action to continue accomplishing our goals.

The Council for Assessment and Planning (CAP) appreciates the time spent on writing the Institutional Effectiveness reports and most of all the guidance you provide to shape the future of your unit or academic department. 

Chaired by: Appointed by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Membership: Faculty or full- or part-time administrators with faculty status, selected and appointed by the Provost. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assessment Coordinator will serve as ex-officio.

Function: The central role of the Council for Assessment and Planning (CAP) is to monitor the assessment activities of the university as described in the Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP). The council periodically reviews and updates the University IEP and assesses the University's strategic plan. In addition, the council assists academic departments, colleges, and administrative units in developing, updating, monitoring, and linking assessment to planning activities.


 Academic Assessment Committee 2021-2022 Membership 

Dr. Genevieve Scalan (Co-Chair)
Dr. Joseph Jones (Co-Chair)
Ms. Jennifer Alexander
Ms. Brenda Ballard
Ms. Heather Elsik
Mr. Jim Glusing
Dr. Lorraine Killion
Dr. Tanner Machado
Dr. Craig Meyer
Ms. Sue Nichols
Mr. Josiah Pullam
Ms. Saundra Silva
Dr. Jaya Goswami, Ex Officio
Ms. Cadi Lusk, Ex Officio

The following two sections must be completed by all units for the IE report:

The Institutional Effectiveness Report for the academic year just ended - 2 pages maximum

The Institutional Effectiveness Plan for the current academic year - 2 pages maximum


I.E. Report Template

I.E. Review Rubric