University Housing and Residence Life


Section 2.1 Community Advisor Position Description

The Community Advisor (CA) position is an integral component of the Living Learning Community (LLC) program.  This person will live on the floor with the students participating in the Living Learning Community and will report directly to the Assistant Director of Residential Living and Learning with the Department of Housing and Residence Life.  In addition, the CA will work closely with the staff, faculty, and academic advisors participating in the Living Learning Community program.

The potential for facilitating maximum academic development of students through the Living Learning Community program will be enhanced by the strength of the relationship developed between the CA, Living Learning Community faculty/staff, and the student participants.  The CA will need to be extremely sensitive to the academic needs of the students and have the necessary skills to facilitate the students’ academic growth.


The specific objectives for the Community Advisor position are to: 

  1. Assist LLC participants in formulating academic objectives concurrent with their individual interests and potential skill levels.

  2. Provide LLC participants with information regarding registration, drop/add, and curricular requirements.

  3. Facilitate opportunities for LLC students to develop in the areas of learning styles, study skills, and test taking.

  4. Act as a referral agent by directing students, when appropriate, to various academic support services such as the Academic Advising Center, Career Services Office, Life Services and Wellness, and other university services.


Candidates for the Community Advisor position must: 

  1. Possess a motivating interest in working with the students in the LLC Program

  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale.

  3. Be available to serve on the staff for 2 consecutive semesters. (Fall & Spring)

  4. Be available for fall and spring training.


During the course of employment: 

  1. A CA may carry an academic course load of a maximum of 16 hours during each semester of employment. Any exceptions must be approved by their direct supervisor prior to registration.

  2. A CA must maintain a minimum semester GPA of 2.25 during the period of employment.

  3. A CA may not engage in additional off campus part time work or hold an assistantship or another major leadership position while serving as a CA without prior approval from their direct supervisor. (Note: CAs are NOT allowed to hold an additional on-campus position)


The CA will be paid $7.75 per hour for a maximum of 19 hours per week.  The pay scale increases by $.75 each year, capping at the 3rd year pay, the CA is employed with the Department of Housing and Residence Life. 


  • Participate in the Community Advisor training workshops prior to the beginning of each semester.

  • Facilitate/plan programs, educational programs, passive programs, study groups, and other academic support activities for students in the LLC program.

  • Attend CA staff meeting with the Associate Director of Residential Living & Learning.

  • Establish and maintain appropriate relationships with students in the LLC program for the purpose of facilitation of the transition to university life and ensuring academic success.

  • Provide assistance and communicate with faculty, staff, and/or academic advisors working with LLC participants monthly.

  • Become familiar with campus student academic services and make appropriate referrals.

  • Participate in weekly hall staff meetings.

  • Actively participate in residence hall, LLC, and university programs and activities and facilitate LLC students’ involvement with the same.

  • Work closely with the Resident Advisor (RA) responsible for the floor where the LLC is located.

  • Work closely with the LLC and residence hall staff to accomplish LLC and residence life goals and to ensure the interests of students are integrated into the program.

  • Complete the designated number of programs that pertain to the assigned LLC subject or an approved educational topic.

  • Complete at least 2 study sessions.

  • Work desk hours at your halls front desk.

  • Work hours in a tutoring center and/or an approved area.

  • Complete 5 hours of Community Service per Semester, attempting to involve your LLC students.

  • Complete 2 passive programs.

  • Create and Maintain an LLC bulletin/information board.

  • Assume other responsibilities related to the LLC and residence life programs as assigned.