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Honors College Council

The Honors College Council serves in an advisory role to the Dean on the administration of the College and has primary responsibility for decisions relating to curricula, methods of instruction and other aspects of student life that relate to the educational process. 

Meetings are held periodically throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

Members for AY 2021/2022:

Chair:  Dr. Thomas Spencer, Honors College Dean

One Representatives from Each of the Colleges (Selected by that College Dean):

Dr. Ammar Bhandari – AG/NR

Dr. Jody Marin – A&S

Dr. Brent Kinghorn – COBA

Dr. Cheryl (Lisa) McNair – ED/HP

Mr. James Glusing - ENG

Ms. Sue Nichols – HC

Up to Five Members Appointed by Honors College Dean:

Dr. Nirmal Goswami – A&S

Dr. Nick Sciullo – A&S

Dr. Christine Reiser Robbins – A&S

Dr. Matthew Alexander – ENG

Dr. Breanne Bailey – ENG