College of Graduate Studies

Current Students

Current Graduate Students

Congratulations and Welcome to the College of Graduate Studies. Below is a list of links, documents, and dates which will be beneficial to you. 

Check out our important dates below and stay updated and informed!

How do I apply to become a graduate student?

All student enrollment is managed by The Office of Admission, Enrollment Management.  You may visit this office in the TAMUK Memorial Student Union, between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday, call 361-593-2808, or click on the link provided above for more information.

How do I apply for graduation?

You will need to apply through Blue and Gold connection.

I missed the deadline to apply for graduation. How can I apply for graduation?

  1. You will need to email Graduate Studies at the following email: 
    1. Your subject of the email should be "Missed graduation application deadline" followed by the term of graduation and your Full Name.
    2. For the body of the email you will need to include the reason(s) as to why you missed the deadline. You need to include your K number and major.
  2. Once your email is received by Graduate Studies it will then be forwarded to the Provost Office for consideration.
  3. If approved, Graduate Studies will then send a paper application form for the student to fill out and obtain departmental signatures. After obtaining departmental signatures, email the documents to Graduate Studies.

How should I format my Manuscript?

  1. You should refer to the Manuscript Manual that is found at this link: Graduate Studies Forms and Resources

How do I know if my formatting is right on my signature page?

  1. Students are highly encouraged to reach out to the College of Graduate Studies (located in Rhode Hall Room 200) for further guidance on this. GRST Staff will let the student know if the format is correct. 

Can I submit my manuscript to the College of Graduate Studies prior to the deadline?

  1. YES. However the student must make sure their committee is ready prior to them submitting and should ensure that the student has made sure that technical error edits and content error edits are completed.

Can I submit my signature page digitally and with different color ink?

  1. Yes. You may obtain digital signatures and the committee chair and committee members may sign in blue or black ink.

    Signature page may be submitted directly to the College of Graduate Studies or it may be sent electronically.

Are there any extensions currently for final requirements?

  1. At this time, there are no current extensions. The deadlines posted will be adhered too to ensure all other deadlines are met and abided by. 


Depending on your College, Department, and Degree Plan, you will follow one of the processes below to earn your degree:

  • Courses - Only
  • Research Project (non - thesis)
  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
Click here for details about the candidacy application processes.

While students cannot be Principal Investigators on grants for research, they are welcome to look for fellowships and other opportunities where a graduate or Ph.D. candidate may ask if their faculty mentor is willing to submit the grant to fund their research project.  All research grants are submitted through the Office of Research & Innovations. Please click here to contact them.