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University Travel Card

The University Travel Card is designed to be used by TAMUK employees for all their business travel expenses. Best Practice is to use your Travel Card for all University Business Travel; including Transportation, Car Rental/Fuel, Lodging, Meal, and Conference Registration expenses.

Before receiving a new or renewed TAMUK Travel Card, all TAMUK employees are required to complete the TAMUK Travel Policy Training (TrainTraq Course # 2112567). Once complete, TrainTraq will send a
confirmation email. Save this email to your desktop as a PDF.

TAMUK Travel Card Application is now an E‐Form using Laserfiche Forms.

Sign into Laserfiche Forms using your NetID and password. If you do not have a NetID, refer to the instructions for "How to Create Your NetID for E‐Forms" on the Travel Forms webpage

Once you have logged into Laserfiche Forms, complete all the fields in the Travel Card Application E‐Form with the appropriate information. Upload your training confirmation email. Then click submit on lower left corner of the application. The applicant receives the first notification for approval.

Your Departmental Approver will then receive email notification that your Travel Card Application requires approval.  Your Departmental Approver will then log into Laserfiche Forms to review the Travel Card Application, and either approve, reject, or send back.

When received, Travel Services will review your Travel Card Application and contact you with the status of your TAMUK Travel Card.

When picking up your Travel Card, you will electronically sign the Travel Card Application to show receipt. As the cardholder, you will receive instructions on how to activate the Travel Card with CitiBank and how to update your Concur Profile.

If your TAMUK Travel Card is lost or stolen, contact CitiBank and Travel Services as soon as possible. CitiBank will send a replacement card to Travel Services and may email you instructions for confirmation of loss or fraud.  When your Travel Card expires, CitiBank will send a replacement Travel Card within the month of expiration to Travel Services.

If your application and/or travel policy training is over 12 months old, you will be required to complete both the Travel Policy Training on TrainTraq and the Travel Card Application and submit for approval before picking up a replacement or renewal Travel Card.


The cardholder is responsible for the security of the card at all times.

Only business related travel expenses are allowed. No personal expenses may be charged to the travel card.

Use your Travel Card for all University Business Travel; including Transportation, Car Rental/Fuel, Lodging, Meal, and Conference Registration expenses.

Be sure that you are up to date on the TAMUK Travel Policy training that is available through TrainTraq.  Look for TrainTraq Course # 2112567.  The slides are available for download or printing in the Resources of the TrainTraq Course.

To activate a new or renewed Travel Card, call the 1-800 Citibank customer service number that’s on the back of the card.  During the activation process, when asked for your SSN, use your UIN.  After activation, stay on the line and follow the prompts to establish a four (4) digit PIN. This four (4) digit PIN will be used at merchants with activated Chip technology terminals.  If your Travel Card does not have PIN, your transactions may be declined.

The monthly credit limit is $2000 by default. If an increase is necessary, your supervisor should email Travel Services with the reason for increase, whether it is temporary (end date required) or permanent, and the total monthly credit limit requested.

The employee is responsible for the security of the Travel Card at all times. Protect the Travel Card and card number at all times to prevent unauthorized use. 
If your University Travel Card is lost, stolen, or fraud is discovered, immediately notify Citibank at (800) 248-4553 or (800) 790-7206 and TAMUK Travel Services (361) 593-3950. If outside the US, call Citibank collect to (904) 954-7314.

Dispute charges with vendors for non-receipt of services or products within 60 days of the statement date in which the transaction appears.  After 60 days from post date, dispute rights are lost.

Charges considered fraudulent should be reported to Citibank immediately by calling the number on the back of the card. Citibank will send an Affidavit of Unauthorized Use form by email to the cardholder. If transactions actually post to the card, the Affidavit must be returned to Citibank within 60 days of the statement date in which the transaction appears.